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(Various LIVE formats such as live music, DJ sets, performances, meetings, hangouts, producing, videos, official audios and beats appear on this LIVESTREAM, supported by 2-L-Y-T.

If you are interested in the Frankfurt subculture, you should definitely stop by, read up and subscribe. We are an association of artists and try to deal with the current situation progressively, to create more peace and to bring a little positivity into this world through comedy elements. This channel expressly serves the artistic freedom of representation and has no intention of wanting to enrich itself commercially, the collective Kein Pfand or "2-L-Y-T" is much more interested in receiving support in order to be able to bring further projects like these LIVE formats.)


" As a creative art collective we are here to shape culture and history of political and life changing events and also holding the worth of these timepieces in forms of artworks." 

Covid-19 is one of the biggest signature events in History and may be one of the most important ones for our future.



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