My Influence

I had a multiple variety of Instagram accounts which all died, were hacked, or reported. Starting as early as 2016 @k1pfand.

the next accounts @aiproofart @wheremoral where also taken out of my hands.

The most recent account  @aiproofart "aiproof art was the account" where I posted informative posts about diverse topics regarding Agriculture, Africa, Finance, Equality, Social Injustice, Ideas, Comedic Content as I liturally study these fields.

When my Exams where manipulated and I was not able to "pass" but my Ideas kept popping up more and more even in "government" plans. I got incredibly infuriated, to how my exposure is getting stolen on the public Internet, and how come my issued Tax number was declined, aswell as effectively not allowing me to work, as my work applications mysteriously disapear when colleagues get a reply.

I was supposed to be afraid, however these occurences did not make sense to my rational mind.

EXAMPLE 1: The videos popping up with the same topic i posted on my instagram which got taken down.

EXAMPLE 2: Excerpt from a "new" University Lecture including links to people in my socialcircle with these Geopolitical ties.

EXAMPLE 3: My attempts to inform the public on Instagram about people taking my Art witout credit and stealing complete Ideas, Company concepts as names have failed, as I have been reported for supposed "Hate speech" when I was critizising my right to my content which has illegally been stripped away from me while also my exposure in the internet was being stolen.

EXAMPLE 4: In my still exisiting account  @aiproofart in the "Story" section under "Twelvextwelve" you can see multiple ties to companies working against me and stealing everything I had created. There are about 20 plus companies working against a single student surviving in a recession, kudos to you "social justice workers", i just have a feeling that your "work ethic" is the reason nobody wants to work with you and your workers are actually fleeing from an "undesirable" life. 

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