Whats a proxy? 

proxy comes from the Greek term πληρεξούσιος means "to act as someone else" or "serve, vote".

So essentially in the modern times of slavery, this is your voice on the internet. As a digital identity is being wiped out from the most common social media outlets, as collected data can be dangerously be used against you, prohibiting you in your freedom as it has turned into a game of your freedom and power of governance, meaning essentially the government can do what they want in their freetime and if they find a "bullshit nonsensical reason" to harass you, all anonymously, ruining your business and criticising your differing opinions, you are being blocked from all social interactions online, excluded from job hires and dating platforms. 

The special Term for this is called "blackholing", looking up your ISPN settings and net commands should show you certain functions of portforwarding and what things you are allowed to connect to and interact with. The internet right now, is held hostage, and it is sad to see how this dominates over a peacefull rulling phase of life, you simply cannot "escape" evil anymore, you are exposed to all kind of tyranny and "hypocrisy". The burocracy is just boundaries to keep anyone from doing something productive.

This is why it is important to keep in mind you have a digital footprint and people are indoctrinated and not so "free" as they are very selfcentered judical pretentious beings, which we all are to some extent, however i would say that the reason mental health is such a big threat and common thing is not "simply" because it is "now" talked about, but actually something way deeper. It is a consequence of the corporate world we built today, the way we deformed public places and hobbys, and restricted right of speech.

You don´t even have to be on any political side to see this happening, it is self evident. 

 Funny how a 3000 year old world is still relevant today, perhaps it is the "missing" link to the "Democracy" which is also a Greek philosophy. So why when we are thinking of alot of moral and ethics are we not allowed to publish our opinions and form philosophys or actually think. Rather than to robbing us of the ability "of thinking". Thinking is a prision, yes but is also freedom to not get eradicated by evil human beings, and it is insane that this has progressed already this far.

Essentially you are your own proxy for a second by creating a unique "vibe" key

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