If you were me, we would be the same. What seperates us, is nothing but our memorys and our name, maybe a little bit of shame but who is to blame?

The biggest illusion is....

for us to believe we all have different moral values and claim different human decencies, when there is one human decency untouchable to the core of every fiber of my cell, nerves, my spirit and active strings of being.

You are your everyday own judge, and compass, for so many things we decide everyday, without thinking, getting us to places or into situations, ideally ending up where our values match and align as we thrive, when already simply nurishing yourself results into drawing-in different situations, surroundings, people, places and things, leading to change which is the reason control can't beat intent.

You are the most powerful judge in the now, you are able and entitled to so much, when not running from problems or being preassured and controled by external influences, work and by your fight or flight mode, removing everyday PTSD triggers, or being made parts of problems which you are not part of and don't plan on being part of, which is the reason for alot of everyday judgment seems clouded, and is also to be percieved as unfair.

Feel what you are entitled to feel but don't dwell on the feeling.

"If you feel unwell, move, "

a basic primal but yet so wise instinct which we came to supress through collective guilt-tripping and gaslighting. Good joke.

Now this instinct doesn't mean move to Dubai, it means use your intution to sucessfully curb bad situations that make you feel extremly unwell and steal your energy.

Feeling uncomfortable in the new is something else as long as you are growing and feeling secure in the wierd experiences that provide inner richness and random wisdom, may it help you connect more dots, be it with places, countries, people, friends, hobbys, things, cultures, its a nurishing feeling. Also feeling positvely tired and acomplished is a good form of exhaustion.

Yet, in all of this there is still some kind of balance, when we suffer, we all seem to suffer.

I know seing others ignorance is painful but its painfully ignorant to not allow people time to relax, take care of themselves, thrive, achieve, to feel good about themselves and treat themselves however they wish to, too. It`s below human dignity to not be able to so so. You should be upfront with anyone to why people percieve others a certain way.

Mistakes are normal and are to be pointed out in soft ways, except if people are concious of their everyday harmful actions to others, then its a form of active defense to refuse to help these people as they know their active cause is harming you. It's pretty simple.

Maybe the person you envy so much may also be a good person and can afford to lay-of.

Are you lowkey seeking what another person is up to, and can think of nothing concerning yourself and are imprisioned, or are you actually being affected by people that want to pop into your head because they are deciding to actively cause harm and the universe is warning you.

Chaos in the mind is draining but there is hope, to whoever feels stressed, worried, it sorts itself out when you loosen grip, become soft, it all unravels itself over time and comes out like a hairball, allow the masculine and femmine energys to do their thing and balance themselves to properly nurture you, turn off the mind and follow your childish instincts and whatever place, person thing feels genuinely good. Start dancing again for the purpose of the dance and feeling, sing, have your little hyperactive moments of joy, do not supress these.

This all doesn't mean a person can't contribute to causing high distress in your everyday life, it's about learning how to overcome it, what inflicted pain, what is a true friend, who actually means well, who enriches my everyday life and who makes me feel no less than myself, who isn't secretly jealous, who doesn't have interest in my girlfriend.

Thats why I always love to quote the begining of this monologue

"If you were me, we would be the same."

We see these common dynamics being in family, everyone has them time to time the biggest issues stem from loyalty conflicts and withholding information or supressed feelings towards eachother, shame, affecting our everyday life, from our profession, beliefs to our occupation, lack of personal space, safe spaces, emotional development, boundaries and control issues affecting us all on a bigger whole, even on a corporate level.

The world is not a dark gloomy place, we should be apreciative of it, realize it is a playground but equally be aware of others struggles and properly providing for everyone and realizing that bad things, just as extrordinarily good things happen everyday and just be sure to know who you actually are while acusing or projecting or try to paint your actions in a big moral way as it may be a hair away from ignorance codecendance and privledge.

Crushing the knowledge of wisdom that others have exhaustfully provided for years without being credited. Call it Cultural Appropiation, the problem is we don`t have a culture at all, we are mixed, moved so frequently and are full of old political conflicts and tensions and worldviews that are outdated but still play role in our day to day somehow.

Internet culture is very real considering it is a way people shared art, music and communicated, shared beliefs, emotions, stories, insights, hobbys.

However alot of the good parts of the internet have rotted away or been privatised like alot of things life. We need to let acceptance of this happen and be optimisitc we find new ways of exchanging experiences or interacting.

We become to insensitive to the fact that the world is so very mixed and plurality confuses us as we need firm writen down structured beliefs to function in a gigantic logistic and distribution system. Which does not make some company's more soulless than another.

When alot of culture resulted from the local environment the traditions stem of their regional dependancys and from local weather / climate / and resources and were therefore useful and it makes no sense to impose others peoples laws dealing with things in a different regional structure, structures that don't comply with the regional way of living.

However also the privlidged suffer in unimaginable ways, emotional wreckages, tragic frequent events, big unwanted attention, becoming litural targets of hate, betrayals, crises, good economics will also show you the influence of the weather or even astronomy on the economy. There are multiple studys shown that the moon and water has a significant amount on trade also rain dictates a harvest. A fruiful ground if locally that place is supposed to thrive. Being part of a multiply dependant ecosystem we can meassure the quality of life by the richness and diversity of natural ecosystems in that area, similar to see statisical evidence that places where birds are and plants are growing vigerously that this place contains abundance and harmony, and peace.

The world is not unfair it has repressed feelings and lacks proper communication, a little empathy, conciousness, safe spaces, vunerability and trust.

Seek to find yourself where you find these values.

Respect and Apreciation is also a currency as it determines your vibration and palette of people you get to work with and fill more satisfaction into your own schedule as you can choose to also spend your time alone struggeling being miserable when vunerability may help you find genuinely good people that will help you out on your journey and make you grow as it happens on an alignment of unconditionally understanding and percieving the other.

Mentally we don't need anybody and are independent beings with independent thinking but our body and DNA simply needs certain things, some bodys recognize a previous intense connection, which can tie alot into family-like traits or seeking ancestral familarities, patterns, to find oneself`s new position in society.

A tradition of crop or herb or random things then gain value and significance because there is an authentic purpose. A homecoming is what the art of art is. Our ancestors are here with us in every form and shapes imaginable and are here to cherish us on our journey but we need to focus less on differences and realize what makes us the same.

We all can do a better job at percieving the world the way it is and geniuniely wanting to help and interact with other humans just like you.

Eradicating any sparks of hate by love, smiling and providing for those that are still sick of their own illusion or the prison they imprisoned themselves in, never being codecendning and being available for eachother.

Therefore the world is lacking someone, which can be you, who undestands and listens, while we find ourselves so often losing ourselves in ourselves, in us when we have this immense lovely diverse palette of divine individuals that brighten up this world.

You are not dying by stress and are punished by work, you are doing something you hate doing. Everyone serves a purpose but not everyone lives conciously as it is a state of being when everything is aligned and feels harmonious.

Which is a hard place to get to seing how much trouble and pain we have caused to people, familys, generations, and are still doing today.

This doesn't mean the universe won't give you wings to naturally meet and align with those that carry these values and allow this mysterious complex yet so simple universe to provide for you.

We need collaboration.

Our water was once from the same springs.

Any force power or control over my human decency, life path, through the use of reputation slandering, public shaming and punishment and or unwilled action and manipulation of my physical cells, nerves, and things intruding my spirit is nothing but a measure of cruel manual forced egoistic control, a reflection of their innerst unhealed self, reflected and projected onto me, their trauma, their childhood beliefs, their pain, their generational karma, their regrets, fueling my chains and position in society and present hurt, executed by those too blind to see what they are doing, justifying a white lie, washing out their actual physical and karmic everyday actions and consequences, usually causing even more problems for others, turning away, numbing their spirit, affecting their own and others future possibilites, while displaying a different cause for their own action, the tragedy in this is, they are unaware, its not a truth yet not a lie, its missleading attention to distract from the dependancys we all carry, we can`t go on without eachother, not you, not him, not the farmers, not the wealthy, not the healers, not the café down the road, your interns, your nerds, social anchors, your builders, your journalists, the feelers, the tasters, the movers, the thinkers, even the drugdealers turned out to be doing something not "too shaby", our perception changes, undercover untraditional doctors that didn't subscribe to the idea of things being wrong with people, nature and plant derivates being chained to company's policies and rights, realizing its emotional healing these people often need and for others it was the most intelligent decision to do what they do, they didnt do too many things wrong, as we see over time, they just percieve differently or have seen what makes life cynical, a pharmacist does the same, often killing more without any moral judgement, how many animals were killed in kosmetic trials alone, when nature as given and provided solutions more than enough proven to work, even criminals have become more human and morally decent than alot of publicly funded moral samaritans because their motives had just causes, alot of sucess comes from sufferage or grey areas as things in this world are divinely complex and diverse not black and white, not a "government", not a celebrity not an elected one, but komplex geometric natural patterns influenced by the weather that create waves of conciousness hence trending colours topics, lifestyles and more, they evolved from a quest for security unifying us, there is a force we don't see, a magical symbiotic experience in an accumulation of different skillset, assets, talents and perspectives. The spoken word, the everyday worn, felt, the everyday needed.

The most efficient way of prospering in anything today is one in which disharmonious factors are removed and those which cant be removed to remove yourself from these. A way where everyone is recognized and seen for their unique gifts and strengths rather than to focus on lists of rational numbers dated back to subideal events that affected your performance gladly anyways.

Already there is an injustice, its not affirmative action what we need but peace of mind, less control, nurishing food, common affordability for basic necesities, talks with family, hapiness, a little dreamy playfulness, simply more empathy and and an open ear so we can hear eachothers needs. What doesent`t work usually doesn't for a reason, but if there should be a reason not to work you find use for it is a use may be given.

What today still means justice when we have a clouded worldview and bad sense of judgment through prejudice, allthough it is part of being human, by falsely educated generations through steered education an incomplete details of history leading to chaos, tension, feelings of incompleteness, exclusion instead of seeing that our beliefs should have no to little influence to how we live with eachother on the same street on the same planet.

However acts of hate and physical violence even going up to murder are just symptoms of not being heard, feeling unseen, insignificant, useless, abused, opressed this pattern is found amongst the poorest and the wealthiest, so again money is not the reason for their actions its their soul, predicements and mindset, their karma, their trauma, and own judgement, the law what we so call law is not perfect and a snapshot of the past including tensions and boundaries of the past, different countries different laws meaning different moral conflicts, let go of control and allow in no judgment in your decision making even when fear and insecurity make you paralized in your decision making, hateful or racing thoughts are lower vibrational distractions they represent a part of you but only tiny parts of you, they are the shadow or baggage we come here with, it helps your soul grow day by day, never manipulate your or others days' outcome, accept the state of flow, truly operate in good faith, allow trust in every corner of every cell and let your being and body float to where it takes you to, healing by the environment and your met needs, allow in a craving, be human with all your imperfections and senses possible, dance, sing, smile, follow a butterfly, a smell, a childhood memory, a food you love, something that reminds you of a person you love, as long as it as an act of love, and you feel truly safe and confortable, be in the state of being, catch that spark or follow it, sensing, tasting feeling, communicating, exchanging allowing energy and your senses to guide you and to embrace the possibility of Unconditionality in this Universe. Mathematically this is symbolic or representative of the infinity in infinity nature.

Scarcity is not truth ignorance is.

Only settle in places and spend your time, around people, plants, sounds and things that make you feel comfortable or give you a deep sense of acomplishment, growth, satisfaction and safety

Act according to your needs as everything is divinely guided and orchestrated on this earth as is it is still a playground protected by those and others, who are already free of this illusion or have become free of it, of misjudgment, insecurity, some even do this subconciously.

Allow safety, trust, vunerabilty into your life and restructure own close relationships with those that carry hatred in their hearts for it spreads like a disease, when certain feelings and the sixth sense, ever so latently present and everyday situations smiles, good conversations, feelings of security, love, apreciation, an environment where people love to grow and experience abundance, can't be replaced you understand your place.
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