The illusion of free will is just a determinary issue. - "a text for hardcore realists?"

So a thought experiment, suppose you would have a lion infront of you. How would you react?

You would probably either run and hide, therefore react to your animalistic senses, your primitive instincts, which are genetics depending on hearsay, conclusively picked up experiences, or trauma to always prevent further harm which is inherently genetically inherited.

The second option would be to immidately freeze and think. "One possible source of overthinking when choices are limited."

So, usually after thinking you go for option A or finding a way to please the lion (giving him a treat) as you are restrictively bound to a situation where there needs to be a kind of reaction for you to be let out of this uncomfortable situation, eventhough the situations duration may vary in length, it will feel intense and scary.

This in a nutshell is a "shock" and we have multiple of them varying in intensity throughout the day.

Or wait we forgot option C, the Lion has a good day and is borred and could not give two less shits about you, but usually we still go through option A and B. anyways.

In this situation you had free will.

However this world is not always as free as we think, as you are susceptible to the environmental factors and liturally by things coded into your human nature, as usually will is excercised on the premise of survival, genetical wealth and finally ones own needs.

Lets take it further..

Supose it rains...

We can do the same things again, pleasing the lion in this case would be to get a raincoat, an umbrella which would have needed some planing (energy, thought and abstraction) beforehand. Or momentarily you could get into a car, a bus, or under a roof being conclusively dependant on your surroundings.

It may be riskier to deal with spontaneous action, as there are always options at hand but these options can be extremely limiting depending on the environment and situation, yet again, you find yourself in.

Yet, you have free will, supose during the rain you are on a flat field because you went out swimming with friends and lighting suddenly strikes.

We find out there are more variables to life we cannot account for, chaos.

Now, the planing beforehand is not always possible, supose you were in a rush going outside forgetting an umbrella and raincoat.

Meanwhile if you do grab an umbrella and a raincoat you solve the problem of the rain but spontaneously create another problem (the weight and space of carrying these items)

So thinking to prevent chaos can not necissarily get rid of chaos. Meaning that sometimes meassures to prevent harm can also bring new unforseen harm or lets say "stressors".

Dealing emotionally with a given complex situation at hand does get rid of chaos. Dealing with the "internal chaos", which will in return give overall clarity in decision making, us needing it in order to call anything stable and therefore have "less stressors".

Let's supose you are lightly built or you needed to carry things on your way because you needed both hands, hence it presenting as another issue. Planing beforehand for chaos doesn't eliminate chaos out of the equasion, it helps insure a more favourable outcome to your genetic predisposition.

Meaning the subconcious already shapes where you end up or the places you find yourself constantly already in, due to your choices and genetics or likings, and will, if a person is intune with their needs, finally end up in a place where their needs are met.


Your actual thinking will then weigh the probabilty of you really needing a raincoat, umbrella to the actual trade-offs you are making when not having these "pleasing the bear phenomenons", in preparing and going through other situations that could work.

We have to remind ourselves if chaos was genuinely involved in an equasion or if we have forgotten to see where all our needs have already been met giving us a ground satisfaction, and our hapiness is actually robbed by miniscule things constantly robbing our attention shifting our focus on the wrong things. 

Chaos is usually a catalyst and an important value to make us stronger, more intuitive, reflective and a call to action, a wakeup call.

Lets say it rains and stops and rains and stops and rains and stops, and that happens lets say 15 times a day and it's impossible to stay dry. This is what ADHD is.

So, constantly in day to day situations you are betting, calculating, speculating, analysing risks which optimally reduce your time in shocks and unwanted situations and "stressors" depending on your given physical attributes, genetic predispositions, and then try to navigate on the most efficient path where your goals and needs are met, ideally without having to recalculate.

It is how perfectionists meassure efficency, and is the hiding oblivious selfcritic in everyone we fail to explain because it is too embaressing and "others wouldn`t get it anyway".

This is why life is and will always stay a giant comprimise, a high complex equasion irreplicable by the pure resources it is made out of but a game of shapes, patterns statistics probability, discovering cross-dependancys that we discover in our own indivual way.

Here you are... in a thinking (to ~ time Paradox as thinking brings in further new problems while also stealing your time in actually taking action on this world.

Notice, how there is a negative conotation to the scenarios because most humans clearly have a "want" and "don't want", these may vary.. for example, someone may love getting wet by the rain and not care about the wetness of their clothes, another person couldn't stand getting wet as they usually get sick from such incidents, it`s a different outcome and different need, while their needs were influenced by their own genetic marker, where the environment was also partly responsible. As you cannot convince me that whats grows around you through climatic effect hasn`t already got a huge effect on food which then has many effects in culture and lastly your genetics aswell as the weather which is a constant affect your mood.

In all our situations we did have free will, yet we usually could have only thought of one way to do something, which is the path we take and end up taking.

Be proud of your path.

The reason for this is probably due to the environment we have put ourselves in and which was created. In which we find ourselves unpurposefully confused by humanity as a collective, due to a butterfly effect of minor confusions. It is not a disease in a traditional manner it is a symptom of artificially reduced complexity in own decision making for individuals and stripping away the individuals ability to play with more variables at hand which controary to belief induce more "shocks" in our day to day life.

Why is ADHD and mental symptoms something so significant as of now?

Well, personally I think

a manifestation of ADHD in individuals was always present and served easier purpose for Explorers, Hunters, Soldiers, Gatherers, Acrobats, however it was easier in the past to be authentically yourself without being at too high risk to earn social and capital punishment as new fears emerged, the fear of "judgement" and "being too different" which is often regarded as "unwanted".

The reason for this is that there are multiple currencys in life.

Social Reputation is one currency, how people view you and generally think of you to include you in their plans.

The ratio of tiny shocks in comparision to your taken risks is another one "meaning stress avoiding", so the reducing of stress when we find ourselves in day to day situations with purposefully induced stress, like in supermarkets, while online shopping and so on. So in other words comfort.

Trust is another currency which is affected by social reputation and also with beliefs of self as they influence your own self worth and self trust and thereby taking into consideration possibilitys in which you decide how much you may be worth to yourself and others, for example booking a hotel, going to a fancy place, would never be a thing if you wouldn't trust the hotel to be good including its social currency and the second fact that you are trusting yourself with the idea that it is okay to spend a certain amount for something which serves primarily the purpose of ones own, a selfish one.

There is a moral currency aswell as we are taught to always act for someone else, never for ourselves as they teach a false idea of doing something "for the collective " always, by a "preventing" of some sort instead of actually doing something for the collective through themselves meaning doing something locally or realizing their day to day influence they have on their environment already.

Authority is another currency. One of the most abused ones. Having authority over lets say others decisions means, if you have multiple authorities you can create leverage, conflicts, interests which allow you to influence the affected regions, via the internet, social platforms or regionally, keep in mind what you are sending out does have an impact on others, and is essentially what cults are.

We run on biological currencys that are inserperable from our experience, due to conciousness in our life being bound to the physical experience and its connected sufferage. Therefore we are all traders, calling risky shots, to up all our involved biological currencys, its a constant revaluing of situations for the greatest overall benefit, similar to when animals have an urge for water, of thirst and need to drink, they will find water or find an option proven to work in the past due to learned experiences and pain, there is no negative intent involved with the conncected action and indulgance.

So one can only truly make a rich decision when it is a selfish one, and one accouting for ones own needs, as one understands themselves the best. 

The abesence of moral in ones own decision making is a given, as all our actions are formed by the subconcious and the avoiding of shocks and stressors, are genetically protective, and are of primitive nature, it is only through others we can see what we "may be doing wrong" and healing can only be done in the collective of human experiences and transition of life. 



- by K1PFAND 

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