The ultimate thoughts to destroy all selfproclaimed "dating experts" or "ripped ab guys" selling you their version of masculinity.

Masculinity and Femmininty are concepts long exceeding our time they are built into all fundaments of nature and are to be seen as two different fabrics woven into our experience of life. Masculinity cannot be confined and be sold as an idea but people love mimetic desire because most do not know "what" to desire. 

If you ever feel "insecure" about yourself, your looks, your physique.. Think of it maybe in this way.

All these people that are trying to "tell you their harsh truths" (these alpha truths)
base their truth on other women, and compare themselves to other males, which automatically means that they care what others think about them, which is the root of all insecurity.

While their things may work for Sex and picking up women it's simply as they have adapted to what a majority of unconscious women (some lacking purpose, are unhappy, as they don't truly know what they want) have turned into. They are being manipulated without even knowing, thinking they are alphas because they occasionally smash.

If you truly think your value as a man is set by which woman you have by your side, which women you attract or deserve, you think of women as prices, objects or trophies.

Biologically speaking yes we can see why we would want an attractive woman. Fertility and so on. However fertility in this day and age is found on the inside as the synthetic outside has turned to poison for mankind.

Also.. we need to accept that we won't get "everything" in life by this I mean this fixed view of how "our woman should look", it's not the "idea" in our head of a "woman" that will make us happy. But a woman that recognises your worth, your faults, your quirks, your desires, your hobbies acknowledges your pain and sees your worth. To which we refer to as personality.

What you need to realise is... None of you men are really in the wrong... You are just insecure as of now, as you seem to not see the bigger overall picture and how it leads to finding purpose.

The cult over the last years has taught us the exact opostite and taught women that they deserve everything if they look and behave a certain way. Making them less individual than at any time in history before. Lacking personality development, because we are taught "money solves all issues" and that we need to look a certain way, while the early Instagram Influencer culture has taken the soul of so many capitalising on the looks and people buying into the idea and tying less exposure to a sexual factor as it defines your social status.

I'm here to tell that all this won't solve any "real" deep internal issues.

Money and looks will continue to act as a catalyst of a shallow society if we keep it this way.

I'm not woman or man hating or hating on anyone that is exercising or has a good looking body, not at all. I'm furious that humanity is getting robbed of their authentic self, their individuality, their consciousness.

See what you need is purpose... Genetic lineage discovery, what makes you, you. If you haven't found that, you should not be looking for a woman in the first place, as it is just a distraction from where you really want to go to. I won't talk you out of it, but they are like math problems. A lesson broadening your senses of feeling, internal depth and may be a convenient distraction of permanency when not knowing yourself and having explored your biological options.

Because building family is usually one of the last stages we as men want to head to, yes it's our future, but first build a legacy... A social net, reputation, storys, a life. Among this journey love will strike at random, even multiple times.

Inspire, make others laugh, offer mankind your God given talent or speciality, your strengths, own up to who you are where you came from and be yourself. To it to be in the true divine father masculine energy.

And do it for the love of yourself and your future children.

It's why when you find true hapiness, you feel calm where you feel yourself, doing hobbys, treating yourself and your passions, in which the "chase", dials down and the indicisiveness turns into decisiveness and the false ideologies of your percieved women stop interesting you as you are looking for hapiness in self primarily and not seeking it by a woman but "with" a woman.


- by K1pfand 2023

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