Using Onions and Garlic in moderation.

Use onions and garlic in moderation,

depending on what environment they grow, they may have soaked up alot of toxins as they act like a sponge, due to the sulphur which can bind alot of molecules especially toxic ones or radicals.

This makes them good purifirer plants and can be usefull for extracts as they provide, bacteria killing properties, which can help with hair growth and your skin if applied externally, and not consumed.

Something to know about garlic: during world war they used garlic juice on bullets as garlic contains toxins and prevents tissue growth, also there are links to leaky gut as they can thin your blood aswell and prevent bloodclots. In jameica if someone wishes ill on you they slice a garlic clove and rub of the juice and cut you with it because it will make someone bleed out. Use garlic with "heavy" foods, such as egg, and meats or things that are very dense.
Avoid garlic in most things that serve no purpose or is synthetic, usually it is a cheap way to overpower all flavours.

and spirtualists also believe they may block your intuition and higher vibration to some extent, wisdom from Italy, also Pilots supposedly were advised to not touch or consume garlic as it reduces your ability to conecentrate and decreases reaction time. Garlic should be used as a protector, purifier plant and as a tool not for constant consumption.

2-3 Cloves are enough. Garlic is also very pungent. You shouldn't freak out completely as there are some health benefits due to the sulphur as well.

If you enjoy onions they should be fresh and organic and they can be put on injuries, or wierd occurences as they pull out toxins. Onions are also not as problematic as Garlic, however you need to also keep in mind that Onions also contain a few amount of toxins.
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