„don’t take this personal”

“The gentle sound of wood crackling away at the campfire, the flickering of the ever-changing and yet ever-burning flame, the smell of maple, as the burnt smoke gradually fills the air, pinene terpenes are seeping through, triggering sharp notes time to time, at the back of our nose every time we get a whiff as the gentle breeze whips the fiery scent of caramel and walnut trees our way, seeing little explosions and eruptions as we stare right into the embers of the fire, structures crumble and are rising up again out again of the ashes.”

This should overall create a dreamy, yet warm image with feelings of home and belonging in your head. Dynamic, relationships while being very conscious of proximity, boundaries and their own abilities of providing support love and structure or being able to scar you for life and burn you, are at the very core of a fire sign. A social setting, passion, impulsivity, recharging, repeating, events, showing of your skills, a soft spot for techno and fast action.

Fire warms us, provides us with a sense of security, helps us eat, can destroy, intensifies, cuts-ties, helps us access the old spirit and connects our passion through the family bloodline by internal love, let’s call it our origins, from deceased ancestors, as they were the “original” spark and give off energy like the “sun”, which is one of their ruling planets. Fire signs contain a lot of “power”. Sun: gives Energy (Leo), Mars; Destruction (Aries), Jupiter (Sag); Optimism, Luck, Wisdom. These planets influence “fire energy” which does make sense. As it helps transmute energy. They are the start of all alchemical processes, so they are quite literally “sparks” and ignite and help others shine too to some extent. It purges impurities, refines us and brings out the perfection in us.

Too much fire, burns us, leaving an everlasting sting, too much "wrong"- directed fire energy can burn down what was originally created and may have the ability to cause an incredible amount of pain. However, this pain is balanced by the sign in “physical” pain and “emotional” pain equally. So, they teach others through “pain” in the softest way possible when on their good side. Pain is involved in their “love language” somehow.

hey cause melancholy in other people as they “symbolize home and children „spiritually, and people become so comfortable around fire signs when not being rude, that they are bombarded with others people’s story’s, strangers opening up to them and may feel like others are very clingy and get annoyed of being “used”.

They also start to be turned off by “laziness”, however they need to be careful to not misjudge rest as for “laziness”, because for normal people and other signs these energy levels are not normal, they lack consciousness in terms of how other people have to deal with keeping “their energy” and how they distribute it, as not everyone has access to this much energy. They have no problem with resting, when recharging their batteries too, which is so normalized and consistent, they forget about this.

They may not even be conscious of when they are resting and when not and have troubles finding proper rest too when unbalanced. This is why fire signs schedules are hard to keep up with, in terms of endurance or being consistent. It is different to “earth” signs “structure” of consistency, here we are talking about “energy distribution”.

Fire helps sort out the Mars and Venus energy especially.

Meaning, it may give you valuable insight on own confused emotions and the impulse to sort out your love life and people which don't do you well. Essentially fire is forcing commitment for "commitment-phobes", because you need to "earn a fire signs attention". You need to be able to pull through disregarding other people’s opinions. They make you feel like yourself depending if most of your other signs in your chart also resonate with their chart, and if you can agree on most of your “ethics”. Fire signs need to watch out to their sometimes-reckless nature and falling out of their set boundaries, rules or patterns out of impulsivity to make a statement. When unbalanced, they get heated very fast. Someone calming, gentle, being able to guide and direct fire energy where needed will be a great match. They forget about their sensitivity, and heatedness pretty quickly and are reminded of this again when spending too much time around energy draining people, toxic or negative people and especially when moving out of “what they know”. When their routines are being changed massively, they get thrown off in their “masking” process in public and with how they recharge. It is why the sense of “home” and an exclusive trusted friend-circle with regular meetings are so important to them. Their social life pulls things together again and grounds them in a way, but only for what they truly passionate about or know is real and accepts them for who they are. They may fall prone to gatekeeping and also do some things in private, they may live the good life but a hush life and know when to speak up. Handling attention in public and power beautifully. However, the high demand for fire signs and people treating them “differently”, due to their extroverted nature and people subconsciously being subdominant to fire energy, as it is very attractive, they may feel lonely at times and drift into sadistic phases which is the complete opposite to what they make other people and friends feel. This is the vulnerable state that fire signs don’t want you to know about. 

Although fire signs are ruled by the Sun, Mars and Jupiter, they are always symbols that offer perspective, naturally through their way of living and help us make decisions, similar to a "catalyst". Because Sun, Mars, and Jupiter rules over these signs they are quite influential and can have significant effects on our lives, our life path and especially to our "material aspects", a lot can be found in finance, real-estate, politics, news in police and in the public.

Gold and diamonds 💎 are found in Jupiter and is full of "luck" and "abundance". They strive to be "ideals" Watch out though, they can sometimes be quite blunt. They may hurt your feelings and will tell you things which you won't like, meant in “good faith” however, others are able to grow from these situations and take away valuable lessons and learn to deal with criticism and not taking things so personal. When you get on the “bad” sign of a fire sign, then you are getting burned.

Stagnation? Not in a fire Signs life.

They tend to get powerful positions in life and carry a lot of responsibility, which they sometimes want to "flee" from when they are drained.

Fire signs are like fuel, like batteries. It is a reminder to be passionate, it teaches us when using energy to be efficient, to use it for good and to combine efforts to maximize the given off energy for as many as possible without compromise. They like fast, impulsive high energy action but tend to dislike the planning, wanting to simply burn and to just "be active" nonstop before their fuel runs out.

Meaning they can't be bothered sometimes when being in a certain mood, you shouldn't take this personal.

Changes through the fire may leave everlasting wounds or effects on everything that is a living organism. Fire can tint pain. Meaning it brings out pain, visualizes it, triggers pain but in a good way to transmute it. Their specialty is rising from the ashes like a phoenix, all though that can be seen through their "recharge" nature.

What is really key to understanding fire energy is their unbeatable desire, passion and optimism which resides with us and within us, ever since humans have existed, they enhance spirit by materializing, "bring out", they never give up, or "Burnout", this is what makes them so valuable, and being able to make us feel "that little triumph" every time "we make a little fire" knowing for generations we will survive another night and causing this sense of providing. "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger" is their Motto when it comes down to giving energy or things but need to watch out that this trait doesn't lead to unhealthy emotional addiction. This can typically be their dark side.

Some primitive action never goes wrong and primitive jokes can't miss the Humor of fire signs. Leos are always fun because they rule over children and also have an odd sense of humor a mature yet childish energy.

Nothing can stop a fire sign from performing, when they need to act or perform, they do it.

They may deal a lot with stereotyping and others judgment and put up a "mask", which goes more for their character, not like "Gemini", more like "what they talk about to who", while keeping an expressive fashion sense, just naturally quieting down their tone, acting and adapting to avoid a few "unnecessary" problems but not compromising their own freedom of expression, which may lead to a little sneakiness. They are great escape artists by working away at a pace and speed which is hard to meet, sometimes air and fire energy have strong similarities but their overall structure and motivation to do things is completely different.

They are regularly attacked through their extroverted nature. From these experiences they have made their friendship circles pretty exclusive and became choosy, as they value people as well that don't drain their social battery and accept them for who they are. That's what makes them closed off - ish. Open up fire signs! They are scared of over giving to the wrong person again.

This is their "Pokerface", they usually have two, the first one is a "stone-cold" default mildly friendly expression which allows their personal opinion of someone they hate not to slip through, and the second mask is a "ha-ha fuck you face" absolutely confident and to express their disgust for someone, drama activating...

They can also bathe in attention when needed.

An unbalanced toxic fire sign will cause emotional chaos through hurt, throw a lot of things out of balance, hurt many around them, be egotistical and be opportunistic at times.

Through their fiery and impulsive nature, they are led to situations where their brain is telling them „No", but their body is telling them “Yes”. This is when they may stop thinking and do stuff for the giggles of it, and can usually not explain where these impulsive boosts of energy came through, these are their demons that fire signs are dealing with.

They can’t do anything against it, essentially, it’s the spark or fire in them which is the energy constantly given off and try to intuitively protect others from it causing damage, by increasing distance, proximity and finally cutting down their time spent with the people having a problem with “this part of them”. They always seem "busy", they never really ever want to hurt you and never mean it personally, they have a big heart which they don’t want to give away to abusive and the wrong people and have a forgiving nature. They are sometimes strapped to an uncontrollable jetpack and accidentally hurt people as they may deal with criticism and opinions differently, hurting others also have probably lost friends due to this. 

They need to learn elements of self-control from a young age and will be one of the biggest lessons accompanying the fire sign and also hurts the fire sign.

It is the reason they sometimes come off as shallow and egotistical also being somehow always involved in others people drama as they stir up a lot of attention, so naturally people love talking about fire signs. The problem is fire signs are easy to fall victims to controlling or manipulative people at times especially when younger and will allow their frequency to drop and others to drag them down to their level of insecurities because they are fighters and won’t stop until their fuel is burned out

However, most fire signs get pretty much used in their teenager years

They avoid low vibrating people because fire signs dislike "vulnerability".


their two, three "insecurities" or little "guilt" that they do sometimes have, when they have any.

To them it's like ants crawling under their skin. They don't want to make a wrong decision especially when committed to loyalty in friendships or relationships, as they from time to time do make "felt" mistakes, coming from their fiery impulses and usually hate themselves after for it. They pull through and are loyal unless you made them burn their own ties with you, by extreme clinginess or betrayal.

Fire Signs have "true emperor" energy and are usually masculine dominated. A lovely trait that fire signs have is that they don't tend to compare their materialistic efforts to the efforts of others when they do things especially for work, they usually do these things just for themselves only and won't tie their self-worth directly to their income. It's controversial because some do have the reputation of being selfish or self-absorbed which stems from the struggle of having to perform all the time and being "perfect". As we said "Jupiter “, rules over ideals as well.

In other words, a Lion doesn’t think about how many more Antelopes he could've killed that day, he is taking just how much he needs and knows his role in this world to maintain natural balance. He also appreciates what is being given, it cares about existing, coexisting and mainly about his role as a "lion" to just work.

Fire signs do love to compete professionally, especially Aries, they will test out their strengths but it should not more be looked at, as healthy "play" to better evaluate their own power and adjust their feelings for delicacy paired with power because like we said earlier, too much fire is very destructive. They enjoy games especially social games but keep in mind this is always when something is officially declared and people have opened up. Their love language can consist of cute insults and of ways to nag you, you will always know that it is meant lovingly and is not to be confused with Capricorn or Aquarius’s sometimes pokerfaced sarcasm, but a type of teasing, they sometimes play pranks on friends and gift each other a lot. Usually, they are good direct communicators and give clear signals, except when they don't want to, or are afraid, to open up.

They usually fill in the "good drama", but the "bad drama" also isn't far away as it does come in time to time again by pulling-in, chaotic energy through the attention they naturally create, the high demand of people needing their time and attention and also come with the intensity and power that they hold, create, start, organize.

Fire signs love drama and gossip, usually along as it doesn’t involve them, except if it's connected to a passionate situation close to the heart, being a door to toxic situations, especially in love being confronted with runner and chaser dynamic with a lot of people wanting a passionate fire sign. They don't want to feel used and are incredibly sensitive when they sense you are using them.

They magically remove self-doubt, give others confidence in their presence when around people they like, and allow a natural sense of power through "confidence" and give overall a sense of wellbeing.

The party is there where the fire is at, and that is where the most social and romantic impulsive things happen, "through fire energy “; if you are talking big family, and traditional relationships. Keep in mind their perfectionism stems from knowing that fire is something very well appreciated by almost everyone so "them being in high demand" and knowing their importance for everyone that just loves warmth, feelings of coziness and home. Therefore, they tend to be extremely picky with whom they share their "time" and "energy" that they "give off" and may seem cold and heartless at times. This is usually a facade to their burning passion and desire because they can't stop an already lit burning fire and may have troubles filtering out who is truly meant for them.

Fire is also strong with the expression of self, being excellent at providing for self and family and setting strong boundaries which they clearly have had problems with before. Fire may be very resource intensive so they need to streamline. Once a fire has started it rarely stops, most reactions by fire are irreversible, explaining why once a fire sign has absolutely had it with you. It is over, your ties have literally been burnt away. They may even forget about you and are able to deal with the past very optimistically. However, being vulnerable, open, compromising is the least favorite of these "passionate" warm beings as they just want to burn equally and just be "warm", be "warm in comfort" and have people enjoying them for their character and personality. They may have problems changing for others are excellent at hiding toxic traits and my occasionally stir up some Drama. Fire / Light given off by the fire attracts attention to it, anything with a lot of eyes, a big reach or influence uses elements of fire for control.

Fire Signs stands for the third chakra, the solar plexus / manipura chakra associated with mobility, power, warmth, transformation and light. The manipura chakra is always in motion and also rules over digestion. It's the "I do" and associated with the color yellow.


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