Essentially, if you do a little research, it has been around ever since Humans have existed, records of Astrology go back to ancient India, Mesepotania, Egypt, the ancient Greeks, Africans, Aztecs including alot of other native ethnic groups.

Afterall Astrology is still able to exist aside science, as it is concidered to be something which does not contradict science, it is something like a language, the alphabet is also something that is taught to make sense of the world.

As an "Artist" you interpret "Energy" and give it a certain meaning, just as you can decode "Music" emotionally or decode a "Painting" emotionally, there are mathematical and statistical reasons for evidence, so can Astrologists make interpretations of "Change" and their Cosmic Dependancies.

When an average person hears about Starsigns it always comes with a negative co-notation or a certain "sillyness" attached to it, this usually stemms by a typical misconception of how Starsigns work and how they are to be interpreted.

One misconception to be cleared is, "Starsigns" do not take your uniqeness

It is also not complicated however, asking someone " Hey are you a Capricorn?" and expecting another Capricorn to be the same way is quite idiotic. What these people usually refer to is their birth "month" which stands for their sun sign. What? what do Planets now have to do with it?

Well each person has a unique Birthchart which consists of multiple positions for each Moon and Planet. This means you have more "Starsigns" than the one you were told, the "one" people remember, is most commonly reffered to as the "sun" sign which rules over possible life choices, interests and gives the base prototype of character. 

Your planets rule over Love Life, Career, your Expression of Self, and other aspects. You can therefore interpret why you have certain "behaviours and repeat patterns" and essentially forgive yourself for your nature and learn to adapt and overcome struggles, rather than to beat yourself up for it. 

The moon sign is also a very powerfull sign, and yes you have another sign with another "normal Starsign",


so you may be a Leo with a Virgo moon.

The moon rules over your emotions and therefore gives information on how you would likely cope with hardships, emotional troubles, who you love, and determines "what" makes you feel. 

An example, " Virgo Moon Due to the position of the Moon in Virgo, the feelings of Virgo men and women are complex. They easily get hurt and deal with insecurities and inferiority complexes. However, these people are driven by their great intellect and logic. Their rationality makes them evaluate every situation with logic and common sense. The Moon in Virgo makes these natives good in learning and philosophical activities. They appreciate the little things of life and have a critical eye for tiniest details. Virgo Moon sign men and women want everything to run systematically. Thus, they often get nervous and disappointed when they find things going out of order.  "

- from AnytimeAstro wesbite, Virgo Moon Sign: Kanya Rashi Symbol, Characteristics and Personality Traits

17 May, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar


There is a reason that it has such a long history, "Navigators" used Stars to find their way, and had joy listing their way points. Nomads used the North star and planets to find their way. 

Taking a look back at history humans have never been so independant of "nature" meaning, there is little natural things we witness to simply "exist" aka. our "natural existence". Previous generations of farmers, sheppards, and other workers found more time, to do nothing and gaze at the stars. Think, relfect and be more emotionally intelligent. Their emotional intelligence and intuition was their only way of surviving as their acess to information had been very limited. They did not have the urge to be "educated " on possible things to happen, it came from an inner sense of desire.

It does makes sense considering principles of Physics into the mix. From quantum mechanics we can say that all electrons are connected with eachother, meaning everything is communicating with eachother all the time through "vibration". Light and the things we percieve are Vibrations of different sizes meaning, that we are reflections of divinely projected geometric patterns at the core of our beings, which could also be representing our cells and their enzyme workers. 



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