If we or someone in the collective really enjoys a suggested Idea, it is credited here with time and date and person with "Artist name" or social. Enjoy.


2-L-Y-T 2020 "JN" aka K1PFAND - founded "2-L-Y-T" Institute for alternative Thinking and Creative Collective to allow different opinions and perspectives. We have the most simple "human right ethics" and constantly need to be reminded of how important this right is.

Considering political tensions due to major disruption of the economy and media infrastructure, we want to be the safe "harbour" for affected people. We do not stand for any other cause than expressing the right to "freedom of expression" and for "freedom of press". We take donations by customers. People from the collective vote for certain topics and people are free to write journalistic insight to what "they" redeem as "interesting" for "stress relief".

If you have not noticed this also a platform for people who suffered CPTSD, Anxiety, Depression, have been alienated or stolen of their personal rights or humnan decency. This world only works through duality and by showing "all sides". Therefore we can only properly evolve towards harmony by allowing active discussion, by implementing ideas, we are created to love, not to harm. We were meant to serve a greater cause, to the love of "all human life form" because, we are all reflections of eachother. 


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