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What are Binaurals? They are frequencys that are offset from left to right, that can induce meditative states. Binaurals use ancient frequencys, usually coresponding to a certain chakra, that have always been found to have healing properties. We see this in Sound Bowl tradition from Yoga, and Reiki. Here is a list of Binaurals I came across and tested. 

Have fun, much health, luck and abundance to you.


"List of tested Binaurals by me that helped me sleep and battle my Insomnia, improve my mental and phyiscal health. Binaurals are to be listened at ambient noise level, so do not turn up the volume till your death. They are supposed to be almost not properly heared but be background noise that your mind can focus on and the vibration affect other parts of your surroundings. "

I usually open a bunch of tabs and let it run over night, to help me sleep and heal. Do not use this "too often" have 1 or 2 day breaks. But this helps immensely. Also focus on one thing if something is immenent.


 Positive Affirmations

Hair Growth


Regenerate Tissues

Confidence and Motivation

Solfeggio Frequencies / Detox

7 Chakra Healing

Manifestation, Intution, Spiritual Downloads

Insomnia Relief

Testosterone, HGH

Dental pain

Cell production / Regen

Earths Ohm 7.83 Hz / Schuhmann Resonance

Subconcious Rewiring / Affirmations / letting go

Third Eye Stimulation

Sexuality, Procreation, Prostate

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