Jonas Said Nokri is a 23 year old, young vibrant soul currently still living in Frankfurt, Germany. (2023)  or "THE UNLICENSED IDIOT", but what does all this mean? 


Founder of 2lyt.de, Creative Specialist, Playlist Currator, Writer, Author, Artist and Producer - Jonas Said Nokri aka. K1PFAND 


K1Pfand is a numeronym in German for "K(ein) Pfand, which means no Deposit.  Deposit always implies a return, and a codependancy which I try to highlight as something we should just truly try to avoid. As I am of just a giving nature. Giving is the highest for of love without expecting something in return. In a modern society today where giving without return is frowned upon and has almost been forgotten it is no wonder people feel "left out in the cold", as especially in Germany for example everything is very digital, rational, numeric and cold.   


The Change of Social Dynamics, Tolerance, Opinions in Public.

I think often enough we are focused on the wrong things, supressing anything percieved to be "bad", taking down "opposition", cancelling or silencing people. When democracy should do the exact opposite put promote kind, friendly, logic discussions. The world is a neutral place but we give it polarity, so we should maybe think twice why content "triggers" us, "why" we are so emotionally upset. I remember the internet landscape in 2010 never being so "toxic", eventhhough "insults" and other "problematic content" would be removed today. I think society has a huge issue taking everything "too personal" and "to heart", in certain games "insults" were a welcoming hello as everyone knew it was not meant to be offensive. Now we explicitly use "insults" to insult again, giving the whole thing power again. First of all be less "engaged" and "informed about others" peoples life, as I think we should just agree that focusing and thinking about yourself is far better than to drag others down with what "you" can´t tolerate.

"I am not a racist, I am not homophobic, I actively distance myself from discrimintation,I preach values of love and want to achieve harmony."

I understand the duality we are living in.


Networking on the Internet:

Networking on social media has gotten to me since Youtube and Instagram
I've handled several posts over the last few years, run 4 Instagram pages, a Tiktok page, my very own website and a YouTube channel and drew attention to myself with stickers and logos. In the last 2 years 3 albums have been sent, commercial music, film music, sound effects and loops. Videos and other creative projects. It's also basic knowledge of how to use computers, content and how to expect cutting videos and creating creative media.
As a consequence of the inconsistent range and limitations such as increased algorithms, the idea of ​​alternative networks arose, which should also work as a monetization system so that passionate people, artists, can continue to pursue their hobby and have a good side income.
For 2 years I have also worked very persistently on my startup "2lyt".
In Germany, my creative influences extend to Berlin and can also be felt in Frankfurt. My "posts", "stories" and "graphics" have also stirred up the art scene. The primarily philosophical influences in texts, songs, graphics and logos have inspired influencers to take up completely different topics, such as causing a change of course for young companies and startups, you just know each other regionally. Change requires a change of perspective and I wanted to follow people inspirational things to the original source, like planting your own seeds.

Long nights, no problem for a producer, for 5 years I've been trying to release and produce music professionally, I'm a singer, songwriter and music producer at the same time. I plan projects and I know frustration, stress, negative resonance, setbacks and failures.
Public relations can be tough stuff, as the last 2-3 years have shown.
Ultimately, I am looking for more health-friendly, more sustainable solutions, I want to stand for dedicated self-research and I always try to identify natural substances as alternatives. Whether the use of biodegradable bioplastics, natural textiles, bio-insulating materials, fuels, fertilizers, gentler metals compared to other heavy metals, I would like to look where nobody dares. 



My Journey takes me way back.

Born in Frankfurt am Main, I was quickly to become a day-dreamy traveller exploring cultures in their whole integrity with a fable for Visual Design, Arts and Music.

In 2006 my family has decided to rent a campervan. We visited New Zealand and it already changed my perspective on life. Fishing by natural creeks with my dad, Sheepfarms and beautiful Vegetation were incredibly soothing.

Nature is probably one of the most important themes i want to integrate in the companys values, as it is the only thing true and has future, with or without us.

It is the key to our inner and outer healing. It is key to you and connection with the absolute. 

2007 I was introduced to the German school system, lived in Nürnberg for a year and half. They offered me to skip first and second grade which my parents kindly declined.

In 2008 my mother and I moved to Athens, Greece where I was then introduced into the MYP program, which is a different kind of international school system.

Greece was simply beautiful. You had an incredible display of nature, hidden Islands, lovely beaches and crystal clear water. Ancient Ruins, Ancient Knoledge and great thinkers.

During my stay in Greece i took private art lessons and painted acrylic paintings and learned to play acoustic guitar.

The food culture and hospitality were lovely and is in fact completely different than here in Germany.

2012 Was the year where all tracks head to Basel, CH where I met some of the friendliest, open lovely people till this day. Switzerland shines with its Design, Ingenuiety and unique Taste. If you can consider a country to be the definition of "calm" it would be Switzerland.

2015 my journey continues in Frankfurt, Germany where I complete my Abitur and face my hardest challenges till this day.

In no other country, city have I had so many problems as in Frankfurt. From taxes, and conflicts with this silly burocracy it is no wonder things seem rather dead and static here in Germany.

Everything should be the way it is "and that is good so", ... well.... I don´t quite agree.

The labour market is a complete catastrophy and for many it is impossible to study or be a trainee.

You have high rent costs, and low quality products for their price, overall the whole "be grateful for what you have" is just an excuse for crazy high profit in Germany and Laziness, often reffered to as "efficency".

Companies are saving every penny and cutting corners where not necessary as it falls back on humanity and us as a whole on the long run.

The economy and the way workplaces are run, need to undergo change. It is no wonder companys struggle as they have simply adapted to "old ways", but in no way shape or form will "old ways" work.

We build just for it to get torn down again and rebuild it better. This is just called Progress.

Progress however is not meant in a material sense, to get "bigger, better and faster" as this is just a numeric progress. Society does not progress better by bigger, better and faster. Things just get out of order and evolve to a global mass, one size fits all solution which we may be "content" with, but not happy. 

Individuality is a must, we just know we could not walk around with a size 44 shoe when we have a 42 shoe size. That would cause problems as it would feel lose and lose funtion as well as the 40 shoe size would just simply not work.

We need to have distinct solutions for the most different parts in our life. 

How restricted do you think we are if such a small thing as "shoe size" can determine how one feels in relation to a product. Now, try looking at it by services offered by businesses and so on.

One-size fits all will never work and will never make any "mass" truly content. Especially considering that not alot of time goes into the making of Products anymore therefore we might have plenty, however its plenty of shit as well.

One-Size all solutions may have been necessary in critical situations to quickly fullfill needs, however we can all agree, that we are in a day and age where our minds are capable of knowing whats good for us or not on the longrun.

Also dropshipping ruined the relationship from trustworthy buys, with alot of false advertising and an overall inflation of product prices.

 Let the Individuality through! Loud and clear!

Through Individuality, independant thinking we can achieve different points of views and actively be more empathic to everyone which is important in these cold hearted times.

Imagine a society where we are just empathic people and truly independant, we could be truly there for eachother and look at whats important and spend time for the things you truly love and become good at them. "Good for yourself", not in an egotistical way.

"In the Summer of 2022 I got into Winemaking."

I harvested the very special grapes that came from Southern France and are grapes that are not used anymore today.

It was great pleassure to pick them from the vineyards, it was magical indeed, as these were the grapes planted by our ancestors and survived 100 years and are still growing till this day.

We got about 10 Buckets full. The flavour was very full and sweet, incredibly rounded. We then sorted the Grapes:

After Sorting we crushed the grapes and extracted the juice.

 I also added special spices, herbs a little mint and cinamon.



Yes I am a self-taught producer, yes I know others can flex with their BA in Sound Engeneering or have dumped their Student Funds in a digital private School. This was all part of a 3-4 year process, by trail and error.

Hours on hours of failure, working only with necessities and staying true to your nature. 

I am truly in love with FL some call me a "Wizzard".



"Throughout the years, I have played the acoustic guitar, therefore have always been in touch with Pop culture, and singing, making catchy hooks. I often improvise or record small riffs into my mic with my accoustic and blend it into my beats to assist with the feeling. "

In 2013 in Switzerland I loved to play the Drums in the Music Room, so there I spent many lunch breaks just having fun, not knowing what i was doing but just following my intution until it sounded right and "good". 

Allthough all this and my skill is pratically subjective, I do recieve good feedback on my work and get praised for my attention for detail.

Music especially the Hip-Hop genre had a tremendous impact on my life and changed my view on the world, politics, sexuality, and basically freedom.


My uncle was always a big fan of California and he had a really old carver board from the 70s, while bein in Greece i practiced standing on it in the garden and watched videos growing up by Rodney Mullen, Tony Hawk, followed magazines like Trasher, Skatemag and so on. So i have always been a fan of flow sports and balance acts. Surfing and Snowboarding are also in my Sports list.

Skating also had a major impact on my connections, health, music carreer and gives you selfconfidence as no other. As this Sport is very dear to my heart, I never stopped. Boards and Shoes are runthrough pretty quickly which made this again a financial factor. A small part of the idea from "2lytde" was so i can have access to affordable boards, to continue my passion of skating and being able to afford proper skate shoes.

Skaters, Artists, Musicians are all closely connected, as a skater you get to meet other influencial free spirited people and are part of my soul tribe.

I needed a break from skating as I was healing from two broken ribs that have given me internal organ damage and had to progressively work on fixing my breathing and posture in 2021-2022


(Photo: Stefan Sieh 17.10.2020)


It is simply beautiful, the art of self-expression brings tears to my eyes.I just noticed alot of commercial change and "artificial, generic" music, photos and things belonging to the highest virtues of humanity, which I frown upon as you cannot steal human expression in any form. 

2016-2018 I made beats on my laptop and wanted to show the world what I was capable of, the melodies I had in my head, the projects I envisioned.

I tried to grow my Youtube but the Algorithm does make it quite difficult nowadays, also considering the massive change of traffic to other social media outlets such as TikTok.

At that time whatever I did would simply not translate into my microphone, which at that time was the mic in my laptop itself, and therefore I would bash myself for hours and tried to EQ lowquality Mics, which taught me alot about the "sound spectrums" and which frequencies are essential in our voices.

It made me carefully compare high quality sutdio recordings to the things I was producing.

As time progresses, I eventually got myself better microphones and it was a night to day difference.

Interestingly enough the struggling phase taught me incredibly much about my own voice, how powerfull it is, can be if you know what you are doing.

Currently I am working with an SE Electronics se2200 A microphone and am very content with it. 

I have experience with Mix- and Mastering, Sounddesign, Beatmaking, Songwriting and Singing.

I want to remind everyone this way was not easy and incredibly difficult as it gets to your mental.

Your projects and products will always be judged and compared to whats curently out on the market and the visions you have prepared will not always be seen or sometimes ever come to light.

It is always easy at the end of the day after the work as been done to critque and analyse to give your feedback to something a project or sound.

However no one ever grasps this intense process of finding your sound, finding the right way to mix, finding grip, finding the right people to work with, knowing who where and when to trust. Where to reinvest your time, finances, everything is pricey as you could imagine in times like these, try studying simultaniously and finding yourself...

It is a game with time essentialy.

What I have learned for myself, is what I learned for myself, and I am willing to share. I just want to raise attention to how quickly everyone is guilty of judging and also this new "trend" of just following what is been given to one via algorithms and so on. 

Many listen to tracks and after 2 seconds say, no not mine or whatever. You need to let music sink in, think about it. Let the music do the talking before you do the explaining. At the end of the day, we all want to be heard.




(Artwork almost sold at a Million)





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Through the use of my Webshop, I do make a little Profit. whoever it is directly reinvested into the Projects that I am working on and into the people I work with "other small Artists, Creatives, Locals" and so on.

To be able to continue what I am currently doing and expand with my works and projects, I am gladly accept any small Donation on Paypal.

However every Click or any Second you spend reading my texts, listening to the music I produce or just a simple kind comment or repost will do aswell.

Not everything in this world is solved by "money". If you have some to spare you can put it up for a good use.

As I come of a little bit mysterious, I decided to share some things from my life with you and to shine my light on these unresolved mysteries.

I am a private person, but love the open beautiful world and open-minded people, which is the reason I love to see, talk communicate and just be! 

I love to play with perception, stereotypical thinking, anything that is polarising which may cause alot of confusion. It also does not help being an actor ;)

My intention is never to "upset" or hurt anyone with my content, it should just highlight and push the boundaries of tolerance to better highlight hypocricy in an effort to minimize immoral laws or practices which are common in the world today. Also investigating AI- and how this may influence our daily life in a good but also bad way. This project website is for pure Dialoge, Communication and Entertainment to have an Exchange of Values, Thoughts, Discussions, Perspectives, Insights, a place where people can be themselves.  

Similar to a Comedian / Actor, this is part of "role playing", I think part of this project is to highlight, how uncertain we can be of things in the internet today, fakt checking used to be a silly hobby ever since "video fakes" existed. I do think however that we are too much in urge for "control" to display "certain" content which can again be missused in immoral ways.






These are all the Accounts I lost:

(Also add in, alot of shadowbans, reports for no reason and 2 shutdown Tiktok accounts). I did have to fight alot. For the basic necesity of being seen.

@K1PFAND 2013- 2020

@WHEREMORAL 2020 -2022

@aiproofart 2020 - End of 2022

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