Need help?

Contact us, no matter physical, mental pain.

We want to be there. We want to offer an open ear. We want to be available and care and helpt. We realize that no one offers their time anymore. All these numbers to call in these automated systems, the state buildings being closed half of the time, not being able to make a doctors appointment. We understand the struggle. 

This country has unique challanges, one being; its pretty difficult to get something going in Germany because of too many laws, high burocracy and laziness not efficency, relying on the past and old structures.

If there is one country where you feel like nobody cares about you in terms of by society or by the state, it would be "Germany".

So if you are a person that likes to talk about issues, mistakes, notice things going wrong and mean this in a good way, don´t worry we have an open ear. We will hear you out.



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