ARTWORKS by K1PFAND, a little history over the last 10 years.


I lost access to @wheremoral and @aiproofart due to frequent attacks.




Let me demonstrate:

This is the reason why this can be seen as an exchangable currency or storage for value.

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Signature Pieces:

REVIVCA AQUARIUS 2020 (acrylic) on 50x50cm on Canvas.

"Price via Request Only"

Below you find my documentation, blog, vlog where I documented my journey, experiences, thoughts, struggles to provide credibility, as I have been doing this dedicatedly for 5-10 years and started looking at this professionally in 2020. I loved Instagram as a sharing and storage medium to showcase progress and the simplicity of the square tile design, since I was into patterns and rubics cubes. I though of a way to use this hard work, dedication, passion. I have trained my eyes and shape recognition aswell as analysing photos, art, philosophy and have gained a wide range of perspectives.




 LUV HURTS Digital Collection

(listed on Open Sea) 2020-21 

OPENSEA : Link here



Gallery was started in 2020 with these pieces.

"ZEHNXZEHN" pieces:

Stopped smoking a pack a day, and deepdived into psychological triggers, emotional wounding of what structures the brain, how we are conditioned and more.


Beyond the Abyss of Trauma and Health.


The Ugly Truth.

Love, Gossip, Roumers and Lies 2020

(acrylic) on 50x50cm on Canvas.


In the time from 2019-21 I suffered from a breakup, burnout and was in a self-finding phase, what is purpose of life, were we meant to suffer, why is there so much percieved "evil" in the world, is there true love in the world, how do everyday relationships, micro agressions, gaslighting and unempathetic structures affect us in our everyday to day life.

As a consumer and user of the internet or just a normal human in 2020 how do fake texts, fake news, fake accounts affect our perception of reality, how did the internet wipe out most creatives and independant artists, entrepreneurs or startups.

How did this control change our will to express desires, our faith to believe in good, the existential threat of botnets, the robing of exposure, the stealing of data, testing on human people, and my personal favorite, how do some of my "ideas", end up being stolen and used as intel for influential corporations and at my local uni, with my exams manipulated.


DIGITAL ERA 2021 - 2022



Starting to integrate philosophy, thoughts, feelings and emotions into pictures.



"I am breathing fresh air", Digital Artwork on Graphical Tablet 2022

Posters Designed by K1PFAND.



Alot of my journey was exploring the subconcious mind, generational trauma, understanding deep emotions, soul ties, a journey of exploring topics of mental health.


2022-23 AI PROOF "ART" - Style

(remember to squint)





Having experienced "my traffic being intercepted and exchanged with fake websites, bots, reviews, job offers, peoples, companys, fake videos, fake dating profiles, fake discords", and being blackholed, echochambered,

I created these works.

Also having exchanged with other artists whose works were also stolen by "bots", AI, Algorithms and Software to infringe their style and feed soulless budgeting corperations, because lets be real, targeted people are very real, and this can also happen not only through a "government" but actually through people you know, anonymously.



SQUINT YOUR EYES, and relax, see the figures?

I work with optical illusions,and stucture my artwork with percieved chaos but yet in this chaos there is structure, the more you relax your eyes and stop focusing on "one specific" thing you will see the whole picture. Set your intent conciously.

Principles of "observe, do not react".


This may be a crazy ex, an obsessive co-worker, an uncle, someone in the neighbourhood you barely know. Sadly this is also a shadowpart of life, that no-one talks about. In my life I have had experienced many horrible social dynamics and have seen people fall victim to psychopaths and also seen people operate in their shadow self, I have seen the destructiveness of covert narcicissts, emotionally manipulative and abusive people. I have seen the destructiveness of "greedy" people, no it is not a million dollar question to why the youth is struggeling, why we see cases of cancer around the world in ridiculously young people, why sucicide rates are so high and mental heath issues are on the "rise". It is our "unnatural" life, that we have either created or was created for ourselves, this is not technology itself but the lack of authority. We are treated like brainless toddlers in every aspect of human life possible. 

The fun has been removed in too many activites, we have tried to remove all risk possible, but the complex equation in the world just screams for "risk", because afterall, sitting at home doing nothing is just as risky to your health, as not "living" or doing "dangerous" things. "Dangerous" things are just "dangerous" to the unknowing, to the people that are afraid, because how can people be afraid of "words".

Who are you to classify something as dangerous. This world works in intent, sadly only a few wakeup from the illusion and start to "feel", because that is when the biggest change happens. Now knowing from experience, and history, trust is the one currency that can never be bought. Therefore people try to ruin others existence through ruining their credibility or trust, which is what i have experienced in all aspects of life. I have detached from these horrible experiences and am here to help, or share my insight, to maneuver through the maze of the mind.

Allow people to make mistakes, allow people to have fun, allow people to explore, allow people to believe in whatever they want to belive.

These practices are inhumane, especially because you have to find all of this out on your own and second, because so many people are struggeling at the same time, it seems like this is a civil psychological warfare. From life experience, it is the mind, emotions, manipulation, degrading of dignity, and an unhealthy environment or relationships that cause this dissatisfaction, health issues, and problems among society.

The denial of the involved Agressor, Opressor keeps many souls resonating in frequencys of fear, disease, self doubt.

Doing this all by yourself is one of the most difficult things ever, consider yourself lucky if you have a strong emotional support net by family, sibblings, or friends, anyone you consider part of your soul tribe and unconditionally accepting.


These people that are outcasted, scapegoated, targeted, in toxic living situations deal with fight with flight mode aka. "survival mode" and trauma and have difficulties snapping out of these routines, triggers, flashbacks and will therefore seem "lazy", when infact they just needed someone to talk to, or some kind of emotional support, to feel integrated, or feel apreciated. When someone deprives you of these things, to "really" want to know how you feel and to be understood, then it is no wonder why these people start to cut ties with toxic individuals and also start turning more introverted and developing trust issues. These indivudal should be careful that they do not block themselves out from "great things" to come in the "future" and nonabusive relationships.

They can liturally destroy your life. I have meet a family run restaurant business which was relentlessly attacked, their socials stolen and reputiation ruined exposure being blocked and trying to suffocate other friendly humans, which have never seen you as competition in the first place.

I have developed a Quantum Interlocked Art Style, which can not be figuratively understood by Machine Learning. Also it requires expertise by trained Artists and Visual Intelligent people to decode my works.

To understand how problematic and destructive these meassures are, as "no one feels" guilty because "an algorithm" or a "machine" did it, we know this from a psychological experiment done where people were informed that a button would kill a person, they found out that people were more likely to kill other people if they were never confronted by their gruel actions, meaning aslong as the "immoral act" was disconnected visually and connected to just "pushing a button". Therefore most endup behind the button justifiying their immoral actions.

We can draw comparisions to the times of slavery or wars. I am not going to go into detail here, but essentially this is where we are at today.

This involves alot of keyboard warriors which cannot think bythemselves.

How about not seeking destruction, controlling measures in the firstplace and throwing your "we are so progressive, AI will solve all problems mentality" out the window. Humans want human experiences for humans, that will never ever change.

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