Mental Health

A FEW QUOTES TO LIVE BY:  (quotes by me) 

Positivity and negativity are always a small step apart.

Life`s cojointed experiences are never just experiences themselves, they are experiences through the evalutation of your own.

Things are only as deep as you can foresee.

All these words, to yet simply describe being human.

Less is more.


In food seems to be more food.

All things pass, worries and regrets stay as long as you keep them.

Bad DJ`s create chaos.

A chef that can't cook will never nurish a nation needing to be fed.

Rejection is Gods protection.

At the end we will have all lived.

Our water was once from the same springs.

Fuck all "their" prosperity, you don't see their defecits and sacrifice.


The saltier the fries, the more they advertise.

Overshare < Undershare < Sharing

Sugar is natures debt.

It`s not an issue or question of can you do it but will others see me fit where I should belong.

"Never afraid of losing, only of losing momentum"

Never doubt your significance.

"What seperates a disciplined individual truly from an inconsistant one, is an obession, the ability to keep a thought in your mind "

Home is within the mind.

Don't replace the opressor, free him.

Ignorance is bliss.

Beat youself up, with love only.

Logic will never outweigh irrationality.

Destroy what you know to find yourself again.

The secret to the fruit of life is diversity.

Infinity lies within infinitys of nothingness.

Existence is only possible through duality.

Every second thinking is lost living.

Every child brings a solution.

Life is a big box that you can put yourself in.

Life is more than a government contract.

The presence is the actual gift considering you can neither jump in the future nor into the past.

Input is not always the same output.

So be selfish and indulge as long as it creates peace, harmony and is from a place of serenity and love.

The only thing worse than an actor, is an actor who doesn't know he is acting.

I am only as good as I have learned or done, having done nothing or learned nothing is just innocence

Not knowing what's real or fake will kill you twice, from the inside and the outside.

The best knowledge is never written but passed down.

If it's confusion it is not truth.

Capitalism, it all starts with cap.

You understand but do you innerstand.

Don't ask questions you don't want answers to.

Professionality killed the scientist.

Left and right, all the same just a different Direction.

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