"everywhere and nowhere, time travellers, magicians, and geniuses"-

Wind is everywhere, shakes everything and everyone up, We destroy and re-employ natural hierarchies that profit life, humanity and growth.

Wind is associated with the only “constant” in life, which is: "change", it stands for growth and multiplication, think of plants being stretched by the wind to grow taller, wind being natures helper, blowing ice and snow over regions to "set-in" the Winter, representing the change of time "slowing down life", to provide contrast, a time of thinking and reflection. Of-course nothing would work without the "sun" as the motor. Even this little misconception of air being so “open”, trying out many things being so complex, yet being so simple and diverse. It’s already confusing to understand that change is constant. Controversy, Hypocrisy, Logic and moral ethics, welcome to air signs. We are in the framework and of fixed nature, but from a “spirit” perspective which is not grounded in material 3rd dimensional consciousness. We are fixed ancient wisdom and connections where others don’t see them. We have the power of patterns. To be exact we embrace asymmetrical and yet harmonious shapes, so 1,0 and superpositions. We are the dynamics. Virgo envy’s us for our cleverness and ingenuity while they like traditional normal symmetry. Our souls are endless fractals but have yet a distinct shape which make experiences with us seem surreal and sometimes be “weird”. Don’t worry we are your little wish come true, treat us like your favorite pet cat or dog and well love you. Even though we are all this “impressive”, “smart stuff”, we realize that thinking will still get you nowhere and can only be brought to life through collaboration being in the now and light hearted positive energy. We here, envy fire signs for their unbotheredness and being able to practically blend out negative energy having “fun” and “being in the moment”.  

The wind is appreciative of the sun’s energy, and does everything to please these energy distribution dynamics.

So let's say we distribute energy as evenly as possible and create efficiency through effective expansion, which would be the law of Diffusion in physics and thermodynamics, we are essentially the molecules that make these dynamics possible. We are the dynamics of "order in chaos" that make this work.

Everything affected by this turmoil is coming back stronger and hardens through our processing over time. Just look at the wind which sands down rocks, giving the surface and landscapes its face, as it pushes us into a strong position and helps us find ourselves, setting the right roots, giving life to the "ego", creating shapes and getting us into practicality, creating an "order" while being in pure chaos, protecting you from the un - understandable realm of your consciousness, as you may lose your sense of sanity there.

Leave losing sanity up to Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Call us crazy, we are the ones living in alternative realities, time travelling, astral projecting, worm holing understanding how it works but not being able to explain it to “earth” and “fire” energy’s properly, certain things just make sense to us Neptune, Mercury, Uranus children and “windy energy’s”.

Enhanced Pattern recognition, Autism Synesthesia are traits of these signs. We are not wrong or "sick", our narrative and imagination today has been compromised and our idea of what "normal" is just not justified, just as languages are taught to make sense of the world, brains can be wired differently and see different connections where others can't see them. What if colors were our letters and expressed our feelings through color. We are typically outcasted from the norm. We create polarizing results, build the bridge to enable dynamics of change. Often seeing ways where others don’t see ways.

Everyone dislikes "change" because it can be one scary, two intense and three, very good or either very bad. Any way it is connected to “un-predictiveness” or chaos, and people seem to enjoy things the way they are without changing them but that makes life stale, and stagnant.

Death energy comes through monotony, people may not even notice. Doing tasks over and over without cause or purpose is an air signs nightmare, they are scared of commitment to areas where they can’t get out of anymore and need to be absolutely sure that they will like it, so that they can commit all their energy and loyalty to that thing they want to commit to, as they are “a man of their word.” They will break down and give their last breath of air to people, places and things that they are committed to and suffer from over giving similarly like “Leo” and people often underappreciate their ability to give. Air Signs are largely misunderstood and underappreciated. They tend to get along well with expressive signs. Alternatively, they are turned off by people’s “careless” attitude and pick up on more things than the average joe would expect for them to catch on and won’t tell you about it to test your honesty, we even read out your intention, when withholding information, and honesty from us, to figure out why you did it and judge your moral actions.

We are incredible detectives, however it’s not our primary focus, we would rather focus on our own lives and thinking about our own life or things that are fun, fulfill us more, until a person starts to constantly harass or harm us or to anyone sending evil our way, we pick up on the Bs before it even happens. To us nothing is scary and everything is a mystery. It is the” endlessness” in us but realizing how everything is held together that makes us attractive and wise. We are the observers of the zodiac, typically “Aquarius” is the “I know” sign.

Sorry for being “creepy”, ….

chances are we are not, we also suffer from a lot of bad “roomers”, “defamation of character” and especially “mental” attacks, because people love to get back and channel hate somewhere at an air sign, as we have a very unique unwanted “edgy” way of doing things. We become people’s trash and anger dumpster and deal with a lot of “toxicity” so we do commonly get associated with it, which doesn’t mean “we” are, chances are we would always choose the “good” or „positive” way, as we need positivity for growth.

We are just obsessed with hobby’s a little more than others because we all serve a “high” spiritual purpose which is usually very abstract and laughed at by others.

We enhance perspectives so people can actually see their wrongdoings or an alternative way to go and actually “walk” on to the route of change, we polarize and give people the “reason” to start to catalyze. This is where we resonate with Fire energy. Like we said in the beginning we are more the “dynamics” of it all, Leo for example is the spark, and “we” are the realizations around it. We are the logic grid for fire signs, essentially „information technology”, allow attention to spread, and often build networks by defining purpose and cause. We also distribute water energy to make things and seeds grow, air signs are often “teachers”, so we help nurture old souls, protect water energy but can also be weighed down by these traits.

“We think, and we think too much. Moral is our specialty.”

Air signs are usually often in science among the water signs. Involved in science that would bring change we could explore, grow and find new medicines, inventions. We only evolved by testing our hypotheses or while trying to go find “something”, making discoveries. The wind was the motor of the economy in times in history before when being dependent on the spice and boat trade, you had to be thankful and in tune with the winds while respecting its power to be safe and experience abundance as no wind would often take you nowhere while “judgment or punishment by the wind could mean frequent storms” and no harvest at all too. You were at the “mercy of the winds”. Perhaps that’s why people may think we have dark, toxic energy can “seem destructive” when we are actually “productive”, and are described as intense on a soul tie level similar to Scorpio however it being much more subtle. but not being able to put the finger on where this feeling emerges from. It is the air, like we said before it lingers around everywhere.

The formation of power slightly changed over the course of time. We may see a revival with wind energy and will see the importance of wind in our everyday life, with heat distribution and providing us with clean air to breathe, mass farming through the wind, mass climate control with the winds. It will be a lovely time for collaboration in the future especially for Air and Fire signs and Earth and Water signs.

It was always by doing “something different”, to write something down or come up with a “silly idea” to do something that “no no-one has ever done” or let’s say without comparing it to anyone, just “you” for yourself have never done before. Reproducing your findings enabled us to draw conclusions from observations from a previous point in time and implement all these changes and bring them into life to have reproducible knowledge in different places simultaneously and allowing others to remotely understand too.

Think of airplane wings that are inspired by the birds, “and we love birds too”-, SONAR technology that are inspired by whales and dolphins. Air signs stand behind real Science and Technology, ever since humans existed as they are home in “rational thinking” and “logic 101” and have the ability to be very abstract. Did you know that most medicine, pharmaceutical, chemical, and physical knowledge came from ancient alchemy? Also, alchemy was found in all places around the world simultaneously having interesting similarities, thinking that the world consists of mainly 5 different “energies” usually involving, Water, Air, Fire, Earth.

Since we think a lot, we are naturally good at “philosophy” and typically have ties to ancient Greece, ancient Rome, or ancient Egypt.

Only when we tested, we would finally know that something would kill you or help you or have all these now known effects on you like radiation, waves, water, physics, emotions, heat and explore “what” does “what” in this universe.

The universe wants us to “play” more, to communicate and interact. Without play we could have never made “sense” of the world, remember the “childish energy you had being curious about a lot of things, fully trusting you intuition, seeing new things that “sparked” your interest, being full of wonder and how they still have relevance in your interests today?”

Air signs bring childhood trauma in some form. The childhood is not talked about enough as people that didn’t have a great one seem to just suppress it. Also, we are not that tolerant and open to others’ problems as we “act” out to be. Why is it relevant today?

People now adays have less time for each other and less social interactions than ever before and often fall into patterns of hatred due to the pretty standardized and conformist way of life, your visual appetite being constantly stilled with “fake or enhanced” things that are at an energy threshold for you to “buy”. However, things are still lacking more and more quality and substance. That’s also when we lose interest in people, when we have the feeling that the other person just “stops” growing which is a big turn off for air signs.  

In-fact most of our issues and primary motivations of life stem from there, the roots. Childhood essentially “primes” us to become what we are doing today, it tells you subconsciously what to look for, what triggers us or motivates us, what we want to learn more about, what toys we buy, what people we connect with, what catches our “eyes” essentially. Ideally a non-judged child that is free to develop his passions and interest will have an easier time getting a well-paying job and getting to the place he likes, as spiritual growth, lessons and help by others come with ease. Having fertile soil promotes extreme growth for children and insures mental stability and a solid life path.  Earth Energy comes-in handy for young Air energy for grounding, and Fire is able to provide “emotionally abused” children with absent parent figure with unconditional “warm” burning love.

We want less stagnancy, which doesn’t mean we agree with the “fast change” that is happening nowadays through technology, as it is more bureaucracy and rules that serve no purpose, we highly criticize. Or when information today is overwhelmingly becoming a problem due to misinforming, low-quality information, causing chaos ironically for which now “the air signs” will shine.

The universe actually favors chaos and the wind energy. We were always observing intelligence in nature and systems that we find nature to find out what helps humans, what doesn’t, bringing medicine, philosophy, and constantly pushing boundaries of what is possible. It is a risk, and no risk no fun. This makes us a double-edged sword, as above so below.  However, we are mainly amplifiers of spirit or emotion as we carry vibrations that move or carry and transport energy. So, we are good at communication, we need to feel alive, without us nothing would burn and nothing would grow, as for every interaction of pleasure there needs to be a „change” to make dynamics possible which is the least an “exchange of energy or information”.

People are quick to hate on alternative things or imagination, the abstract, the ugly, “no one has time for that”, as we love to play with perception it may be the reason people think we are “player” energies, when in fact we are very romantic, loyal, giving and sweet. Also, our special-interests, independence and intellect may have a sexual pull-on other energy. Through the knowledge we can be either incredible parents working well with children or become bitter depressed toxic parents because we couldn’t bear the pain of the world seeing hurtful truths and connections that others will never even have the ability of realizing and putting into words.

Trust us, sometimes we forget we are sexy, often air signs struggle with self-esteem issues about their appearance, or health again talking about the struggles we don’t see. We rarely get compliments for our excellent work and integrity, for our accomplishments and overall kindness in everyday situations. Our heart is abused and we may have “pressure on our chest” after years of giving and not nurturing ourselves.

 If we get pushed away too harsh by society, we can turn bitter and be perceived as very unfriendly, uncommunicative. We get better over time like wine and stay playful in the older years, you can always count on us and if you make a logical offer or preposition we will always greet you with an open ear. Even our enemies.

Most of the air signs act as a mirror, you give us happiness, we give it back, we reflect your energy which also creates polarization. We are people’s vents for anger, even though we dislike this position. In family or situations we have to stay in, these are sources of negativity and toxicity but we are able to transmute this and create harmony. If it gets too much and too many resources are depleted and we feel “squashed” or “suffocated” we have to take time to be rehabilitated back into our life and it definitely usually comes with a huge change. It is when we gain a lot of weight, feel heavy, or feel stagnant. Stagnancy is death to every air sign.

Air signs get a lot of bullshit, especially once you cut ties with an air sign, your values were definitely very shitty and have had a horrible moral, or way of acting to them or others, as we mainly judge the things you “can change” which are human behavior.

When we part ways, people are offended by their own truth and own medicine leaving them with a taste of disgust and hate towards air signs, when it is anger of themselves, it is unhealed energy in them. We trigger other people’s demons and have to be careful as we fall victim to intense hate or people going up against us seeing us as threatening competition when this attribute just comes from “hyper-independency” and is our trauma reaction. You can’t be mad at this, you caused it.

It is also not something to be jealous about. It is not too common we say something, but know when we say something you should absolutely take it personal, but not to hurt you, as it will trigger you and is most likely verry fitting, highly accurate and give people a little slap of reality as it is “truth” at the end of the day.

Air Signs stand by their word and detest loyalty conflicts, these signs are usually incredibly loyal but will play “you” before you try to play them as they read intention, are highly active in the spirit realm and get downloads by spirit. Don’t try to fool them, you also can’t hide feelings from us we pick up on everything, especially when our question of trust was raised by someone. If you threaten our security in any way or plan to hurt them, be sure that air signs may backstab you or act dumbfounded but do some “shady” stuff from time and time again evading the situation. Again it is best to just be “nice” or to be “brutally” honest with air signs. They just reflect and are the helpers of everyone and will avoid “unnecessary” bullshit. If they don’t see a reason, they don’t do it.

If you hate air signs you hate parts of yourselves and can’t tolerate the “real” world. This also doesn’t mean that you won’t run into some fucked up toxic air signs that just knows nothing else but manipulation as air signs grow up with a lot of water signs and their influence as they provide information to our past lives, and are used to emotional manipulation and the other dark side of social engineers which would be” Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer energy”, they think other people also think in complex ways and have abstract ways of thinking and forget that others sometimes are just “simpler” and mistake it as not showing interest.

Just know that coming from chaos we want warmth, support, stability, something we can recognize as “home” or “ours”, not to be materialistic or possessive but out of the deep wish of “stability and someone or someplace or thing to count on”. Wind energy always have some things that they can do or come back to, or some hobby’s or things they do excellently well and do this to avoid their “control issues”. Wanting to help everybody and sometimes wanting to “influence” a situation for a more positive or better outcome. 

Time to time we can’t help but do nothing but “think” or “help” others, that’s where we are good at.

We enjoy “positive” attention but overall don’t want to cause a “huge” scene. and if we “drain” your energy you are not a great match as there are always places of friction between you and the other individual and are not ready or fighting again parts of yourself.

Having a problem with an air sign can also just mean or have the function to give you a strong opinion or position to put up better boundaries or to stop karmic lessons from happening again.

We have the unwanted affect of creating self-doubt in other people due to our intense depth when people get to know us, our hyper independency and visual intelligence.

We could bathe in your love, as we didn’t get a lot growing up, so we are thankful of every drop we get, but don’t ever leech your energy, we are so impressed and appreciative to anyone who is able to provide genuine interest and love or passion not being afraid of their opinion or parts about themselves.

Sometimes we could all just want a little fire to keep us warm and we will keep you entertained and always glowing and steadily burning. We give people stability in weird ways; they just notice the affect when we are gone and can make people have weird interactions in their everyday life, bringing true “magic” into their life. You will never feel completely “alone” with an air sign if you speak the language of honesty and authenticity.  

We don’t expect much from you at all, just authenticity and genuine interactions, stupidness, jokes, quicky humor, memes, for you to be yourself unapologetically, talking about different things, not always to do with “work or money” without trying to purposefully hurt or annoy someone. This has gotten so rare over time and therefore “we” air signs, only get to know and appreciate our uniqueness over time, and only then do we realize, it is a “big strength” as it caused so much weakness before and gave others a “head start”. We were constantly drowned and pushed down again, which is just a “felt lesson” and exaggeration we go through and now know through ancient knowledge, past lives and wisdom, that only through finding to ourselves, which we have often difficulty doing due to our surroundings, we start expanding and stepping into our true power. Life is not a “race”, we are already there. Wherever you think you have been, an Aquarius has probably been there. We are abundant in ideas but sometimes struggle with “just pulling through” as we tend to stay too “flighty” and our imagination or “attention” is commonly stripped away through other impulses and from distractions of “wanting to make it right for everyone” or having “multiple interests”. We are a multitool and help communication and manifesting things, grounding “thoughts”, displaying a lot of information as simple and effective as possible.       

The downside to high processing of information, high intelligence is that we also pick up “too much info. Some people may “burnout”, dissociate and be overwhelmed.  We then try to shut these additional channels of information off, time to time again as it can be overwhelming. This is why air signs are “numbing” pain or “influence” from something.

Notice how numbing usually comes from the “cold” and frostbite, it is bitterness and darkness. Which makes us even when coming of as “pessimistic” incredible optimists that will deliver a solution and make anything happen.

“Trust me you wouldn’t want to look into an air signs brain.”

 We still can be very clean and precise but we feel home in chaos. We work optimally in an environment that provides a perfect balance of these two aspects. Often the nature is our cheat code and we get information through randomness and chaos.

It’s our struggle and demons, re-living situations, karma, past lives, as they are our “lessons” and are sometimes “haunted” by these. Haunted and worried about things you can’t change things that stick by what other people said, questioning our morals and calling out one’s own hypocrisy. A nightmare just as stagnancy. It is when we feel “drowned” or “squashed”, where we have physical symptoms of breathing issues, sleepless night, pale faces, nail-biting, nervousness. Fresh air is very important for us. It is our vital life force. Flow is important for us and we practically are useless without our intuition. A reason for parents being disappointed with their “edgy” Aquarius’s, often they carry a much bigger love than you realize.

We are blindsided when it comes to family it is our weak spot, as we trust everyone naturally as trust is also a currency of the air sign, especially Gemini and Aquarius and try to be total optimists and raise vibrations by not raising any mischief. But when noticing statistical differences, “uniqueness”, “unusualness”, it will lead us to ask certain things about you.

So, if all of sudden different cars are parking Infront of your house, or you find “mice poop” in the house, or see something that “someone probably lost”, we notice and pick up origins of things quickly. If we find back to source, if we notice you have been sleeping longer, eating less, we may ask you if everything is okay. We try emotional nurturing without coming to close or being “harsh” at all, we are very “creamy”, allowing people to be themselves and not offending anyone when on good terms as we are always there to provide an open ear as many people don’t listen to us. We try to take out the “emotion” and just look at “facts” allowing everyone to open up to us, and crawl out of their shell naturally, by themselves.

We have the danger of isolating too much or too long and losing contact with people by hyper fixation and pushing people away while thinking we are not good enough for them and that we don’t deserve certain things. Hello “imposter” syndrome. This doesn’t mean we are not confident or have to be constantly reminded of how “great” we are but we might hide from the world and hide our light, especially after being hurt many times. People always want “us to prove ourselves” and that’s the last thing we want do. We entertain and give “a lot” by nature, so don’t “force” us to do anything. We dislike a “huge” ego, as we know our role and the importance of it already and maintaining a healthy balance in this ecosystem. Chances are that everyone has to do something to piss of air signs, which is why they always just “need a minute” or sometimes take 10 mins to reply. I just wanted to raise awareness that we get shitted on way to much for no reason. Often, we plan something lovely, don’t tell people about it and then get our plans ruined by emotions or the problems of other people, which we can’t be “mad” about but it eats us up internally. So lots of good surprises, lovely gestures and this doesn’t always mean “money”, but weird messages, little notes and just “creative effort”.

We will absolutely destroy you if you give us some shade, attitude, depending on how morally wrong your action or remark was and serve direct justice if it is severe enough.

We don’t typically want to grab “these” ugly methods, but once in a while for someone where we think that they deserve it, we may grab into the “nasty” toolbox, I will talk about “gaslighting” further on.

We love to talk and have small “debates”, discussions and intellectual stimulation but can also be quiet at times and may need complete breaks in nature and silence when close to their braking point. Air signs become very “uncontrollable” and have even more problems dealing with emotions with a water sign moon. They are then extremely susceptible to the moon and weather overall, the most difficult to understand, as they have one of the deepest souls known to this planet with complexity and sensitivity, only this combination is able to create stunning works, bring out this purity, extreme innovation that is 1 in a million. It is the problem, everything in life is balanced and comes with a downside. So appreciate the struggles of an air sign just as much as it turned out to be today. It may sacrifice itself for the good of others, excellent leaders, soft and yet destructive powerful in their own unique ways, often called the “devils advocate”.

Personally, I wouldn’t say that air signs principally have to do with “devil” energy itself but are sent a lot of negative energy, “stagnation”, “blocks” as they face darkness and trigger others demons. This part is their gift and if you don’t have acceptance or understanding for their nature, you will never work. The dark side rarely seeps “out”, except if things have actually been really “horrible” for years and they tap into “dark destructive energy” which can be called the “storm”. It is best for an air sign to keep things very “lowkey” and just have little “details” that passionate enthusiasts will recognize and keep their mouth shut more time to time, they learn that while maturing especially in their teenager years.

They cannot imagine doing things without seeing growth, this is the most frustrating thing for an air sign. You can’t tie down air energy, you would suffocate it, it needs places to grow, to see life and death, to connect loose ends, where it often meets with Scorpio and Pisces again, it has struggles with water energy, through constant fear of drowning in too much emotion therefore seeming emotionally detached when they do have “very intense emotions” or don’t want to be pressuring or to “be a nuisance” to anyone. They create a good balance for earth energy but can suffer from too much “earthiness”, which will be too boring, too many structured routines, would again suffocate and “squash” the air energy. For our calmness and due to our “previous / this life trauma” we usually suffered some kind of harsh abuse and have wounds that are not typically visible to most people’s eyes, which allowed for learning visual intelligence, decoding nonverbal language, strong abstraction, spiritual gifts and always give us escape plans and backup routes which they never tell anyone. Most Air signs are troubled with PTSD or emotional abuse and will not touch anything that has burned them or when they see first signs of “trouble” when they are not affiliated with these people.

While earth signs are grounded to earth and uphold structure as long as they can, they are very anchored in routines and dislike change. The air signs want to feel the opposite, it wants to feel “alive” and feels the best through “change”, this is why these signs experience growth, have lots of ups and downs, lose people places and things but gain unimaginable insight, wisdom, perspectives and unique and quite magical life events, which can’t be replicated and explained to the “ordinary”, this is not their “God” complex, Air signs are definitely unique and magical as they typically suffer a lot, have gained special gifts through their extreme struggle and can read places, people, things and energies like a book. They are a “giga brain”, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, don’t be fooled, we don’t feel well among certain energies are sensitive to other energies like water energies but are good at hiding when we absolutely need to put on a poker face, we cant mask for very long however as this is extremely energy intensive. Fire signs do a way better job at that. 

Which are the reasons for the "unpopular" and "crazy" experiences with air signs.

Got control issues? Like for a lot of things, life feels much more pleasant with balance.

We tend to avoid it but we may gaslight you, we do this to avoid "pressure build up", and out love, as we take on the load of people without them realizing. We sense others’ emotions too intensely and that’s why we are bad at dealing with them, wanting people to spit out the truth rather than to create a guilt or a whole "feelings" war, because we hate stagnation, unnecessary harm and at least want some "Communication". It's harm prevention essentially, we can cut out people’s negative roots know their influences and prevent things before they grow into something horrible. We don't really get a thank you for it. We make the "douchebag" but "somebody has got to do it" decisions.

So we don't really mean harm when we do it, it sounds terrible but it's for efficiency and forget when people hold grudges towards us.

We can see things happen before you do so that’s why we may try to "save" you from a "hurtful" choice that you'll later on regret.

Many may mistake this as controlling or are quick to be irritated by air signs in the beginning stages of a relationship to why we seem to be in "everyone’s" business. We weren't, we are just good at pattern recognition, remembering random things, combining and have good intuition, so most of the time we were just logical, without thinking about "you", 24/7 to come to certain conclusions, our brain is It's like having a browser open with 99+ tabs. We are also fast with connecting dots and understanding what’s being talked about, but due to the simultaneous running tabs, we need some time to recalibrate when being asked “spontaneous” questions and may come off as slow. We then use this dynamic then to act "dumber" than we actually are because we don't like to “prove ourselves” to people questioning us and prefer to just “show people” naturally by the path auf authenticity and living what you are speaking. We want to be respected and always have a trick up our sleeve.

People think we obsess, when we don't, the only thing we obsess about is our hobby’s, knowledge and passions and can't switch of our brain at night. We re-live certain situations in the past like with PTSD as they are engraved in our brains as lessons and we simply just can’t turn it off. It is our brain, we have to find a way to react to thoughts differently. I would bet we get the most thoughts of any other signs. We are a book of living lessons always adding to the pages. We are very proud of our experiences as we had enough regret already. This doesn’t mean we will lecture you every day, we kindly tell you about things we find interesting, yet; we keep most knowledge to ourself as we get perceived as “rude” already, so we keep unsolicited advice to ourselves. We don’t and can’t tell people how to live their life and what to do with it except if they ask for our advice or help. We can then point to their hypocricy and mistakes and we create vulnerability in others to know what you need to do. Vulnerability is needed for healing. If you deal with us your health or something in your soul usually needs healing. We are kind teachers and will enrich your life leaving with you an intense aftertaste of however you resonate with us. This is the energy of “Gemini”, notice how they have typical “mood swings”.

Often our advice, or help is under-payed or not payed at all, yet we have such a huge influence on people’s life, musical advancements, visual placements and bring the biggest innovation. We typically live in times of poverty and times of riches to experience contrasts but create stability for others too, to know where everything comes from and to develop the skill of “empathy”.

Well, maybe there “may be” some unhealthy addictions in there somewhere too. A billion started projects and ideas, lots of failure and rejection, overeating, undereating, no sleep, too much sleep. Chaos, but yet structured, far away and yet creating feelings of familiarity, no other “neutron” is able to polarize and give life to these quantum principles, and yet energize these dynamics, as the air signs. We are speaking in “vibration”, and the “wind” only. Also keep in mind sound was the way we communicated while working, in public, to mate or other things, we did this through the winds, when we didn’t write everything down. They tried to hide us make us obsolete and ruin sectors for the “air energies” as we were in the age of Capricorn and Virgo, which had their primary focus on “work”, “establishing hierarchies “, „systems, essentially creating algorithms and structures. They all “deep down” wanted a “success story”, when Air energy usually wants peace and “less” attention. Except when being in exchange or having found another rare partner or friend which doesn’t drain each other’s energy.    

We are not manipulative, just usually have gotten used to the point of no return, that we became a way, in which we try to be so naturally detached, that not anyone can cause spontaneous problems to our life, wanting to never pose a problem to others, and there being no way of forcing us into a "morality" conflict. You know kind of avoiding situations when that "annoying" person you don't want to talk to calls again.

We have high tolerance to stress are more resistant to it, yet once we burn out, we are completely burnt out and need a long time to get back on track. In our times where being “disposable” has becoming normalized, our efforts go unnoticed and this makes us pissed and will close off or “ignore” people, when they didn’t care the last time, we met them or people “switching up on us”.

We are rarely sick but when we are, we are sick “properly”. Our healing may take longer as we may suffer from autoimmune disorders, and very “deep sicknesses” but can heal others. We also notice if illnesses are created through the mental plane, stress, environmental factors, or the negative eye from others.

We have to constantly evaluate a lot of impulses that are coming through in unconventional ways and have to deal with things that others don't really physically "see". It can be compared to, remember when you walk by a place to where something really embarrassing happened, and that energy somehow still lingers?

That’s what we feel when we are in all kind of places but more intense and we pick it up from different people or through the history of objects, places and things.

We love you for who you are and in good faith may trigger vulnerabilities because we locate them naturally pretty fast to de-escalate situations quicker and help people realize their faults or things they have problems with accepting faster.

Strong "Chaotic winds" are able to push and pull away and drain "all" of your energy, as we are excellent fighters, don't try us, you will lose tons of energy.

For example during a "storm", which is forcing you to rest. Confronted with storms they have to face setbacks, reevaluate their material belongings and resources, to rethink and reflect and can be overwhelmed by the multitude of complexities in the wind’s nature, just like the butterfly effect.

Wind signs are scary, but not really, we are just home in chaos, make sense of it in this world, so don't give us "even more". Just be real, show us the dirtiest and prettiest parts of you. We are the realest supporters and bring everyone abundance and multiplication by creating harmony, giving unconditional love, and life energy by activating others highest potential, that they don’t even see yet, we want the full package, we want to know you inside out and what we are working with, are extremely empathetic and even understand if you fall out of love, want a third party or all these other "hurtful" topics that are usually sugarcoated and not talked about. Acceptance allows us to deal with other people’s secrets, guilty pleasures or with the unseen. This is also why people think we sometimes are “shady” or “sneaky”, when we are not. We are wise “wisdom and secret keepers”:

We are very tolerant, just extremely allergic to bullshit, so if you admit your player ways and can admit to your toxic trait’s behaviors, regrets, guilts and "secrets", or even addictions we'll keep them in safe hands and also work a way out. We also respect your privacy and are heading out when we said we are heading out.

Off and on, only works when we are not being used. Also we get rid of energy leeches pretty quickly, so when we are younger we were pretty much always the weird ones, probably dealt with isolation to some degree, got weird Hobby’s and started to keep us busy in very strange fields or interests, so don't be surprised if a lot more people know us then you thought, we have many connections and do weird shit, so be prepared for the onion layers experience to air signs. It is intellectual quirky stripping but usually pretty harmless, we make things interesting.

It's the reason later in life we are so hard to catch and busy because people used to be "too busy" in our life growing up. Our hyper-independence may also be our downfall having an inner urge to do everything by yourself. To not be a nuisance to others, we make break apart in silence doing so. The Moto: “Captain, the ship is sinking.”

That’s where “our annoying drama” comes from. Which can be literally tuned out of with a snap but not when we are trapped in our own minds or intelligence. So, if you can lead an air signs attention through passion or emotion, to ground them again, you can make them snap out of these ways and feel home again.

We won't switch our minds, and mixed signals are also a nightmare, especially because we are picking up what's not being said. You'll just disappoint us. Teasing however or irony gets us going, especially if it is connected with “play” and you can package it with occasional sweetness too.

We know best from all signs that not everything is love and light, it's sometimes “dark asf” shitty and cold as ice.

We care about deeply understanding the other, loyalty, supporting, loving, authenticity, giving attention and truly helping someone until they get back on their feet.

If you can explain and coherently justify or communicate how you feel and why you did certain actions, we will always try to understand the other. So essentially, we will support you no matter what, until we notice you are showing signs of in-honesty, pull away all your energy for no reason, are turning cold or have stopped giving, especially with no contact or no communication with no explanation at all.

A solid greeting and goodbye are very much expected, and explanations for atypical behavior for an air signs safety are usually wanted.

We don’t care about “constant contact by mail or text”, we appreciate it, but would prefer if the information contains something “important”, as quality and “fun time” in real life is more important, than a “causal forced conversation over a long time with people you don’t even like”. We are low maintenance and keep contact with people for a long time, even though we don’t text a lot. We don’t control, we simply want clarity. So, crystal clear intentions and authentically meant gestures.

All these “troubled” dynamics, things that others are “ashamed” to talk about, would be no problem to wind energy as they just care about “good” communication and parting in good ways, if not, we will hold grudges against you!

We would be infuriated that you wasted our time, are shying away or not even giving not an explanation for your behavior, which we may take personal. As we want to be treated with dignity and respect, we also want apologies. Forget hierarchy they don't exist here, we see eye to eye with anyone, and in this regard are fearless. It doesn’t matter who stands Infront of us, the path to the inside of someone’s mind is all you need.

We are unique you can't replace us as we see no competition, we don’t believe in it, we are our own creators of our own reality and would never want to be "someone ", or associated with just “one thing”, especially "someone else", we chase valuable unique events that are unlikely to repeat itself again. We adore performances or people showing of their “strange gifts”-

Just know what you are doing and be authentic. We dislike, unconscious behavior or malicious intent. We may have “perverted” and dark ideas time to time just like our “humor” as we have a busy imagination, sharing this aspect with water energy again, but we make a clear distinction between these “two worlds”, it’s our vent for our intelligence and an a medium for expression for not being understood, which explains the chaotic sometimes lightly critical or hypocritical humor, pushing the edge of “morality” and many taking offense to these jokes, which just lets us know that we hit a wound. But is meant again to simply promote growth.

We can make people feel imprisoned and judged as there is no escaping from the wind, especially where you are vulnerable, example, you just got out of the shower, or swam in a lake, the ocean, stepped outside the door in winter, what is the first thing you feel and where? It's the sensation of the wind whirling over your body causing goosebumps, showing what you need to protect, causing freezing and signaling to your consciousness.

What is it about you, that you are hiding what are your most delicate and sensible parts. We highlight that there is something going on and you need to do something against it. We highlight vulnerabilities in a sweet way, but we dare you to try us, you'll cry.

You usually didn't plan for rain or "spontaneous weather" changes. It keeps us alert and constantly ruling over the human’s attention time to time again, as weather changes bring the unknown. So, we are sometimes “unwanted” attention stealers, while usually attention is ruled over by the fire signs.

Want to be prepared for everything and Chaos? Go get yourself an air sign, as they'll guide you through rough waters and are often doing the jobs that others would never be able to do. Also, when people try to escape the wind, we can take out their air, which is what most living things need. We are that powerful that we make people lost for words.

You will feel suffocated, as we bring balance and give "life" and "warmth" in the “spirit realm”, not so much emotionally like water signs or fire signs through “impulsive action”, so in the overall “net of consciousness”, observing being one of the highest gifts, providing attention to “detail and patterns”. Fire signs create it socially. We create acceptance and harmony at home, in workplaces, in clothes, our essentials, and the gifts we make, it's very subtle, even though this effect can be very clearly understood with our absence.

It's the reason people say that Gemini, Libra, Aquarius people seem to always cross your mind, often not even being there and not having seen them for a while. Telepathy is real, and speaking in dreams and through subconscious messages is our thing. Wind Signs are fascinating creatures and our energy always still lingers somewhere.

Wind hates being excluded by nature and finds alternative ways to seep in, also the wind can't be fooled, piss against it, you will taste your own consequences, it is touching everything “existing” except in vacuums. Wind accumulates a lot (look at clouds) also it is highly sensitive to other energy, thermal energy for example, especially fire energy and it usually struggles a little with water energy as it's quite "heavy". “windy” people prefer a” warmer” environment too where they don’t have to be afraid of “freezing”. Meaning emotions do seem to trouble air signs time to time again but they have a constant exchange of energy with water ruling over emotions especially looking at the unique case of Aquarius which is also a "water bearer “. Water and Air signs together practically shave the outer world to the "spirit of change" expressing what is needed to be done and out necessity, while fire and wind is creating an incredible passionate force which can also be used to distribute security, feelings of home and remote warmth or for destruction. Controlled destruction for example as defense or to keep things that need steady maintenance under control, for example pest control, or in engines or in business fire and air is a match made in heaven.

Wind struggles nowadays with the world that was created but will bring change because it is inevitable.

Wind uses "sound" for communication, gives people freedom which is also "(communication)" essentially as it allows exchange of feelings and empathy giving people the ability to exchange perspectives and collaborate. Sound waves which are drowned out in vacuums or "black holes" or feedback chambers, like to social media or happening on the internet are essentially the archnemesis of wind energy so; people suppressing your voice, feelings, perspectives, sending you negative energy, episodes of depression and other depressed people, envy, jealousy, heaviness or giving us no space at all or trying to "control" us.

Have fun controlling the winds, you can’t, we are free as a bird. Many tried, you won't succeed. Ankh and Shu would be quite mad. Wind energy actually possess the spiritual gift of moving the winds and controlling air. This is why we feel the effects of geo engineering. Keep in mind the economy and growth was only possible with wind in the sails, wind to mill flour, transporting energy in the sky including rain, seeds and water from place to place.

All chemical reactions usually work typically through “oxidation” and help mix "things in the air". Again oxygen, air or lets say sometimes combined with “Fire”.

It practically stands for exchange of thoughts, ideas, dreams and ongoing progress, technology, as innovation and truth are the only things able to overcome the only constant in this world which is change and allow us to save progress more efficiently allowing us to live an easier life. We are the blueprint to build “anything”.

We were born with wisdom and deep inner knowledge, are highly conscious, far from perfect especially when we are not understood, can quickly visually see other spiritual anchors and decrypt if people are from our soul tribe. We are perfect in our very own way and see that to understand nature not a lot of “effort” but light hearted gestures and your “attention” is needed.

The wind teaches us to be flexible, playful, childish and to be less hard on ourselves, to see structure in chaos as anything static is blown away by the strong destruction force from the Winds and the ongoing change. The goosebumps and the cold are byproducts of our life lessons, knowing when to let go, or knowing what detachment feels like. We lose a lot, but again gain much more than others, we are the rollercoaster - riders of this universe. Aliens or reptiles? That is typically us. Often underappreciated, as wind is usually naturally all around us and there in abundance reminding us of negative consequences. We don't miss the wind until we are actually looking for fun, then it is thrilling, tickles us. The funniest days usually seem to include some kind of windiness. Wind is Quirkiness, Funkiness Spirit and Abstraction.

The winds have direct access to heaven and spirit, it is essentially the air we need to live breathe and thrive. We give life to things, places and events, without our energy everything would be soulless and dead.

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