2-L-Y-T Papers.

The Local 2LYT PAPES.

You have something to talk about, especially that would interest nature loving, passionate people?

Do not worry we reach the right people!

So, what are we?

We are at your local Kiosk and regional, health stores. We try to connect authentic knowledge, people, places and things to provide structure and an antithesis to the forced Chaos which is unnatural. To heal as a collective, search for reasons of hapiness, sharing stories, sharing mental health tipps, recipies and resources to eliminate unnecessary problems. You can profit by being Consumer or Invovled in our Processes and Infrastructure as we have critically looked at issues that have not yet been removed by existing companies. We are just a little Alternative that you should feel free to try out.

Also, if you have a little "stoner" heart

.... our "NEWSPAPERS" may be the thing for you.

Contact us for possible collaborations and Placements.

A little History:

THIS WAS 2020!

"Our first Batch of 2-L-Y-T Papers has freshly arrived!


We are excited to present to you our custom design and are announcing further collaborations with our Partner.

There will be seasonal collectable rolling papers and a standard design, coming out which will always be available under the 2-L-Y-T "Essentials" section."

These papers will be locally available at every Kiosk soon.

"With Love, by 2-L-Y-T"



The rollingpapers are made either from ultrathin ricepaper or more durable hemppaper. We wanted a minimal taste, white ash and long tips.

There are 32 rollingpapers in one booklet.


THIS WAS 2021-22 (New Batches) 2.0


Updated our Cheeky little Designs and added the QR Code Sticker.

Also we did alot of Brainstorming to connect the missing links.



We then thought about a cool voting system which would help people Control the Demand of Certain Productions and to get live feedback through numbers and sales authentically giving, the QR Codes on the Package a function.




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