Your inner child. (Introduction to Speedcubing)

Your inner child. (Introduction to Speedcubing)

   Your inner child. (Introduction to Speedcubing)

Have you ever heard of the term "speedcubing" ?

- by Store Owner


If it has never crossed your ears, don´t worry.

Let me introduce you to "problem solving" as a hobby, competition and fun thing to do on the side, with your friends and to help you improve visualisation and your spacial awareness and recognition.

Me the admin of this website is also a fellow "speedcuber".

2012 is where I really began picking up old random old "classic Rubiks Cubes" and getting frustrated after hours of turning without a plan, not being able to solve the puzzle, but carefully observing and just thinking about this construct in general.

Speedcubing - Meisterschaft mit dem Zauberwürfel

The fact that you would need the equal amount force to turn the cubes sides and "faces" like to open a ketchup bottle, was added pain in the whole mix.

Back then Youtube "broadcast yourself", Reddit and Speedcube forums, 9gag were the places to find your loving community where you were sure to find other "speedcubers".

I was interested in how fast it was possible to solve this damn thing. Videos appeared with people solving the 3x3 under 15 seconds, which just blew my mind. So I started looking into the techniques on how to solve this puzzle and saw there were different methods "friedrich, roux, rubiks and more" to solve the cube.

Also, I was on the lookout for better "cubes", mine was a shitbrick. It is funny how this "toy" however took off in the 80s and holds multiple generations together, just like skateboarding. 

Anyway, longstory short, this puzzle became incredibly fun and addicting, once i found out the working method which lead to a solved cube, with a mixture of spacial awareness, knowing the orientation of the stationary sides, learning to execute multiple algorithms (about 20 to 60)  for example like "L R" U2 F B2" which just stands short for multiple "moves with orientation" on the cube to solve certain "configurations", or as we call it "parities".

It became a relative big part of my life, so I sat back played some music and just solved this puzzle again and again until i came under 30 seconds and just kept improving.

You do realize how self-improvement works, how finickey you need to be to adjust certain things, mistakes one keeps repeating, your hardware. It is just a minature version of life and helps with the understanding that structures, plans methods, can get you incredibly quick to your goals in combination with visualisation, practice, the right knowledge and patience. 

Therefore I can only encourage anyone to pick up these damn things if you have them at home, and try learning and enjoying the process of being involved with how you can transfer this mysterious puzzle into a solved state, wether than giving up quickly in frustration. It is a different time where we do have the internet to help us solve certain things to use it and understand certain problems that are given to us. Again its alot about the community, which taught me alot. There is already such an incredible diversity within this small community, and I love it. It should stay this way. There are sticker customisation mods out there. Different 3D printed puzzles, speedcube tournaments, crazy algorithms and more.

Here at 2-L-Y-T,

I try to give you a small introduction to this incredible puzzle world and maybe try to shine a different light on "production", "globalisation" and China Import, Exports. We need to see this world in the way things are, not in stereotypes and knoledge that is imposed on us. Rather experience this world with the truth that is accesible to all, that join you on your way. 

I have had alot of experience with importing and exporting from "china" and think, it is incredibly unfair what the western world has imposed such a "negative" view on china.

There are incredible humans on the other side that share similar dreams and visions as we do and are not interested in just "profit" or "numbers" but this complex political trade in the last years mixed with lies has made transparancy an issue. 


This is where i do my part and try to shine light on all the benefits and things that are do-able in todays world without just thinking of profit and helping others to enjoy the simpleness and "bliss" of life.

In our store we will try to work with "Moyu" and make the 3x3 Stickerless Cube available for around 5 Euros. 


your admin and fellow speedcuber.

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