"You rush into freedom and forgett who freed you, because this is what liberty feels like.
You rush into freedom and forgett what chained you, because this is what you were running from.
It`s so easy to shoot the messenger.
No one loves the dirty truths,
the uncomfortable,
the unseen,
the things you run from,
what you don`t want to hear.
It`s the power that these things hold over you, which you hate.
Not me.
And at the end, it is easier to unite and fight a percieved "enemy", what you redeem as "not to be true" or my perspective, which you claim is invalid.
You will of course point the fingers at me, call me insensitve, when I understand you deeper than your conciousness just now may percieve.
Just rember this,
I was the catalyst.
When I appear, truth will be revealed and healing is initiated, I trigger the shadow, the insecurities in people, heal deep wounds, eventhough it may not feel like it at first,even feel a little uncomfortable.
Remember things can change.
I am here to take your crutches and help you walk.
How do you truly feel?
I am here to let you know that being not okay is part of it all. Being not okay is okay and you are okay the way you are.
Remember things can change.

You only know what you know when you don`t know what you know anymore.

So instead of no action and being unopinionated and being brainwashed into utopic thinking, you have to to this and that.. and pretending everyone in the world has righteus morals, as if we were not simply human and make wrong choices, hurt people, conciously or unconciously....
Actively throw yourself into a situations where you can arise to be entitled to your own opinion and build a true sense of self.

Your thoughts are just loud talk.
What does your body say?
Usually your feeling tells you all but fail to act and then accumulate regrett and guilt.

People hate people that know what they want, because they don`t.

My purpose is so ungrateful, people never thank me but it`s my words and perspective that touch their heart, that touch their soul, ideas that change these people for the better.
A better world, a better life, liberation lies behind the uncomfortable. Open the door. Let all the light and new in. When it rains on end and feels like the world is doomed, shed your skin, drop the baggage and take a trip into your ideal world.
Just don`t do the same things twice because then I can`t save you."

- Jonas Nokri 2024

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