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"Willow bark has been used as a traditional medicine for more than 3500 years. Unknown to the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians who made use of it, the active agent within willow bark was salicin, which would later form the basis of the discovery of aspirin"  

The aspirin story – from willow to wonder drug



Garlic burns; it literally can burn little holes through the lining of the intestines. Also, it can certainly penetrate the mucus lining and make its way through into the intestinal wall, where it can burn little holes that eventually can lead to perforations, if you eat it too often. And that is the part where they already have been eaten or damaged. So particularly people who have leaky gut, where the toxins already escape from the intestines and move into the blood stream, should be extra careful. This is because garlic should not really be in the blood.

Some people who have been through World War II or post-World War II, for example 5-10 years afterward, including several of Italian descent, were very knowledgeable about the toxic effects of garlic. Firsthand accounts indicate that some took garlic cloves with them to the front lines of battle, and squashed the garlic, basically using the juice from the garlic. They poured the garlic juice over their bullets and then put the garlic-laden bullets into their guns. According to anecdotal reports, the Italians were never known to be the best marksmen or shooters. To the contrary, they were famous for not being able to aim properly at enemy solders, so they often missed. It is quite possible that they missed more often than they succeeded. So they thought that putting garlic on the bullets might give them an advantage. By somehow shooting and hitting the enemy, just injuring them in the foot or somewhere else, not necessarily in the (life-threatening) heart or the head, the enemy would die when the garlic entered the enemy’s blood stream. They knew this because once garlic is in the blood, for instance by injecting raw garlic juice into the blood, you can certainly die from that. -



"FACT OF THE DAY": 02.04.2023

"BANANAS, Philippines has the highest per capita consumption, about 132 per year, followed by Brazil. About 100 billion bananas are consumed globally each year.

It is believed bananas originated about 10,000 years ago and may have been the world’s first fruit.

The yellow fruit is classified as a berry.

The original wild banana contained many large, hard seeds and much pulp.

Today’s bananas began to be developed around 650 A.D. in Africa.

The fruit was first introduced to the Americas in the 16th century by Spanish missionaries.

The plant that produces bananas is commonly called a tree but is the largest herbaceous flowering plant. The trunk is actually a false stem. "


- source: AG HIRES (,hard%20seeds%20and%20much%20pulp.)

From: Website, 02.04.2023

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